Experienced Guide Shares His Top Hiking Trails in Italy

Dolomites Mountain Hikes Italy

Most Scenic Hiking Trails in Italy: tips from an experienced guide

Italy is one of the most rewarding countries for a hiker. It has endless trails that bring you to spectacular spots in mountain valleys and tops. The trails are open throughout the year, inviting you to hike whenever you find the time.

Top Italy Hiking Trails

The variety of features on these trails makes them attractive to people looking for different experiences. Some are in woodlands while others will take you to mountain tops. The best hike trails in Italy allow you to take the route alone in some areas or with the support of an experienced guide. Here are hike trails that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Cinque Terre

The trail is located approximately 112miles northwest of Florence. It covers a total distance of 32.5 km. The trail takes you deep into the villages but you have a coastline view as you walk around. It is one of the most common trails for tourists.

Cinque Terre Hiking Trail

The unique feature of Cinque Terre is its path through the villages. You meet friendly locals along the way, helping you to make friends and learn more about the area. You can dash to the coast at any point along the trail, helping you to terminate your hike at will. The trail is recommended for medium to experienced hikers.

Tre Cime Di Lavaredo Loop

The loop is 10km long and is recommended for beginners looking for an easy hike. You have a magnificent view of the mountain, making it a rewarding option for wild lovers. The trail is located 32 km from Cortina.

Dolomites Mountain Hikes Italy

The Dolomites is one of the most famous mountain features in Italy. It features in the bucket lists of many mountain lovers in the world. It is iconic because of its shape and the background it creates for photo lovers.

It is a perfect option for hikers looking for an easy few hours off the city. You will find mountain huts along the way where you can stop for a simple meal. You also get to walk through the tunnels and trenches used by allied soldiers during WWII.

Monte Vesuvius 

The trail is suitable for history lovers. It is short but packed with history lessons about Italians before they interacted with the rest of the world. The trail is for hikers looking for an easy path.

Mount Vesuvius Italy

Monte Vesuvius is located only 16 miles from Pompeii or Naples. It has a 1-mile elevation, making it a trail for beginners. You have an excellent view of the coastal mountains in the area. You also experience the history of volcanic activities in the region.

If you love geography, you will enjoy experiencing the history of the soma-stratovolcano that is Mount Vesuvius. The mount is famous for having destroyed Pompeii and many other early settlements in AD79. Today, the mountain remains among the most dangerous volcanoes because it has more than 3 million people living with its eruption radius. It offers the most rewarding 35 minutes for any hiking and history enthusiast.

Path of Gods

Path of Gods ItalyFlickr by:  Monty VanderBilt

The trail can be found close to Positano. It is only 7.8 km but will create everlasting memories. It is an easy trail for beginners and comes with a beautiful coastal view. The route is the only way you can get from Nocelle to Bomerano.

The route offers an amazing view of the Amalfi coast. You will be walking through mountain ranges, giving you an even challenging hiking experience. The route has amazing photo spots to help you create the best album for your hike. You have a scenic background from any direction as you walk along the path of God.

The beauty of hiking can only be found in preparation. It may turn out to be disastrous if you make the wrong decisions before, during, and after the hike. Here are expert insights on hiking in Italy for amateurs and pros.

  • Research the trail- do not assume that you can manage five kilometers while you do not know about its elevation or the terrain. A lot of information is available about these hiking trails. By researching, you prepare your body and mind for what to expect along the way.
  • Work with professional tour companies and guides- anything can happen along the way. You may fall ill to the point of requiring rescue. Only professional tour companies can come to your aid.
  • Carry money with you- some of the trails start or end up in parks. The parks charge entry fees. Carry a few dollars to pay. Money will also facilitate easy movement and enjoyment of amenities along the trail.

No hiking trail is easy for an unprepared person. Prepare the body and the mind with full knowledge of what you will find along the way. Carry a decent camera to capture beautiful moments and scenic backgrounds.

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