Exciting Age Transcending Activities in Dubai – Fun For The Whole Family

Family Friendly Dubai

Fun That Transcends Ages: The 6 Best Family-Friendly Places in Dubai

Family Friendly Dubai

The variety of activities on offer in Dubai sets this city apart from the other popular travel destinations in the United Arab Emirates. Whether you are looking for something relaxing, something exhilarating, or something you can do with your spouse or partner, family, or alone, you will have plenty of options to choose from in Dubai.  Regardless of age, everyone is sure to find fun entertainment options in Dubai that won’t fail to delight.

This means you won’t have any difficulties looking for family-friendly places in Dubai to bring your entire family to for a day of fun or relaxation.

Best Attractions for People of All Ages in Dubai

If you are looking for the top spots where you and your family can revel in the best family-friendly entertainment in Dubai, put these places at the top of your list:


Dubai Festival City Mall is one of the biggest, most popular malls in Dubai. As such, it is home to various entertainment centres that offer activities for people of all ages.  BOUNCE-X is one of these attractions.

BOUNCE-X is the first indoor freestyle terrain park in the UAE and the world. This indoor park features two floors outfitted with giant trampolines, airbags, slides, and trapezes. It also houses exciting ninja courses and parkour elements.  With over 5,000 square metres of space full of bouncy features, the park has a lot of fun activities to offer to all kids, teens, and adults.

BOUNCE-X has an area designed especially for children where they can enjoy bouncing and leaping from one feature to another. This zone also has a team of employees trained to look after and assist the kids so that you can explore the entire park.

For older teens and adults, the half-pipe trampoline, Infinity Wall, and Freerun, the biggest indoor parkour area in the Middle East, won’t fail to give you an adrenaline rush.

Dream Aero

Being a pilot is something that fascinates everyone, regardless of their age. Dream Aero, another popular attraction in Dubai Festival City Mall, allows you and your family to fulfills this wish by experiencing what it’s like to sit in the cockpit of a Boeing 737.  Dream Aero features the first Full Motion Flight Simulator in the UAE. The attraction allows you to enter an enclosed cockpit of an airliner with a detailed visualization system, complete with a panoramic display and flying routes.​  The cockpit can accommodate up to three people aged six years and above.

Once inside the cockpit, you and your companions can take turns sitting in the captain’s and second pilot’s seats, and learning about (and tinker with) the various controls. An instructor will then teach you how to manage the panel during take-off and landing while following a flight path to your dream destination.

You can even try flying the plane under challenging weather conditions for a more exhilarating experience.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is another renowned tourist attraction in the UAE. One of the best activities you can do here with your family is to go on a dhow ride.  In the past, dhows were the preferred marine vessel used by merchants and traders to navigate the coasts of the Middle East and Africa.

dhow Boat Excursion Dubai
Flickr by: Andrew Price

If you and your family want an experience steeped in culture and tradition in Dubai, going on a dhow ride or cruise on the Dubai Creek is an excellent idea.  Whether you go on a ride or cruise, you and your family can soak in the calm, clear water of the creek and the amazing panoramas.

If you booked a cruise, you and your family can take in the magnificent sunset views while enjoying a scrumptious dinner aboard the dhow.

Festival Bay

Dubai Festival City Mall is also home to a unique dining and entertainment outdoor area: Festival Bay.  Festival Bay is the waterfront area of Dubai Festival City Mall. It overlooks Dubai Creek and features some of the top restaurants, cafes, and bars in the emirate, including the Hard Rock Café, the only one in the city.

Festival Bay is also home to a record-holder multisensory laser, light, and water show: IMAGINE.  IMAGINE features a dancing fountain show accompanied by stunning light and sound effects and pyrotechnics.  You can watch this spectacular show while having dinner at one of the dining establishments in Festival Bay.  The show occurs every hour from seven in the evening until midnight.  No matter how many times you and your family watch the show, you will be amazed by the multisensory spectacle.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

A visit to Dubai won’t be complete without visiting and exploring its deserts.

Dubai Desert Excursiona

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve or DDCR is a desert haven where you and your family can get into the heart of the city’s wilderness and natural wonders.  Here, you can go on a safari via vehicle, camel, or horse. While on the journey, you and your family will have fantastic views of the desert landscape and fascinating local flora and fauna, including the Ghaf tree, Samur tree, desert hyacinth, Arabian oryx, caracal, and sand fox.

You and your group can also try falconry, archery, sandboarding, hot air ballooning, and dune driving at the reserve.  End your visit to DDCR with a delectable dinner at a Bedouin camp. You can also stay overnight at the reserve since there are several glammed-up tents at the camping site.

Kite Beach

Dubai has several beautiful beaches. However, Kite Beach is considered one of the best for families in the city.  With its clear turquoise waters and soft sands, Kite Beach is the perfect place to bring your little kids for some fun under the sun. Moreover, there is an inflatable playground and obstacle course in the middle of the sea that your little ones will love.

There is also a new playground located next to the skate park that features treehouses, splash fountains, and a pirate ship, guaranteed to give your children hours of fun and thrills.  On the other hand, teens and adults can stay entertained the whole day by playing beach volleyball and tennis and soap football. You can go swimming, kayaking, and try other water sports and activities you can find here, too.

You can also simply sit back and enjoy the kitesurf show and stunning views of Burj Al Arab if you want to relax here. If you want to ensure your family enjoys their stay in Dubai, put these family-friendly places with activities that delight people of all ages on your itinerary.



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