Zanzibar Tanzania

6 Unique and Interesting Travel Destinations on Each of the World Continents

The world is a great, big beautiful place with much to see. Travelers create bucket lists of the places they want to visit around the world, making sure to hit some hidden treasures while also checking out some of the most popular destinations.

Each continent is diverse and has many unique things to offer, in addition to the most desired travel destinations. You will definitely want to hit the popular tourist attraction locations, even if it’s just to say that you’ve been there. But you should also remember to visit some of those “off the beaten path” locations as well… Simply talk to some of the locals (in a safe manner) to find out where those locations are.

And before you head out to begin your worldly adventures, remember to stop and take in the trip itself, as most people tend to forget that your trip is not only about the destination itself, but also about the journey to get there as well. Take a look at some of the unique destinations to visit on every continent of the world.

Africa: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar Tanzania

Africa is known for The Great Pyramids of Giza in the North, but there are several other spectacular places to visit, one of them being Zanzibar, Tanzania. Zanzibar is a chain of islands located off the coast of Tanzania in southeast Africa in the Indian Ocean. Its warm weather and perfectly blue water makes you feel like you’re in a true tropical paradise. Zanzibar has plenty of beach resorts, so this is the perfect island getaway. Being accessible right from the country of Tanzania, you can enjoy safaris on the mainland and then take a short 30-minute flight to relax on a beach.

Asia: Bali, Indonesia

Bali Indonesia

The huge continent of Asia sees many tourists for The Great Wall of China and even Mount Everest, but if you’re looking for natural beauty and sites like mountain ranges, beaches, rainforests, and valleys, then the Indonesian island of Bali is your place. Bali is a popular tourist spot, though it is one of the most expensive places to travel in Indonesia. Kelingking Beach has some of the bluest waters in the world, with activities like snorkeling and beach tours for tourists; definitely an attraction you don’t want to leave without doing.

Australia/Oceania: Kangaroo Island, Australia

Kangaroo Island Australia

Kangaroo Island isn’t your typical tropical getaway, due to the fact that it’s located farther away from the equator at Australia’s southern tip, but there is still much to see. Just southwest of the Australian city of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is the go-to vacation destination to see popular Australian wildlife, such as kangaroos, wallabies, and koala bears. The island also bears a national park, Flinders Chase National Park, famous for its wineries.

Europe: The Alps, Switzerland

Swiss Alps

Taking a break from beautiful beaches, let’s talk about the Swiss Alps in Switzerland. These beautiful white mountains attract hikers, skiers, and snowboarding enthusiasts from all over the world. In addition to beautiful mountain landscapes, you’ll also find gorgeous lakes, rail tours, and towns that offer some of the most indulgent cuisines.

North America: Take a Road Trip in Both USA and Canada

Grand Canyon National Park

Like all of the other continents, North America is incredibly diverse and offers many things to do. A popular tourist (and local) activity is to take a road trip across the United States and even into Canada.

In the United States alone you have The Grand Canyon in Arizona, several national parks, thousands of beaches, the luxurious mountain resort of Aspen in Colorado, Disney World and many other amusement parks in Florida, not to mention cultural the vibrant city melting pots in New Orleans, New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Just remember while on your road trip that you’re required to get auto insurance in all U.S. states, except for Virginia and New Hampshire. This is especially important if you’re traveling with kids.

Niagara Falls Boat Excursion

North America also has much more to offer outside of the United States.  Canada offers amazing scenic beauty from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.  Popular sites include the beautiful Niagara Falls and acclaimed vineyards in Ontario, the historic old town atmosphere in Quebec, chic city life in Toronto and Montreal, and the jaw-dropping beauty of the mountains and lakes of British Columbia and Alberta.

South America: Patagonia


Another winter wonderland, Patagonia is shared by Argentina and Chile. Here, you’ll get to see wildlife such as Magellanic penguins and southern elephant seals. This subtropical paradise bears glaciers, trees, beautiful lakes, and breathtaking mountain tops. Argentine Patagonia is made up of three districts, the Atlantic, Southern Patagonia, and The Lake District and each offers something unique. You’ll be able to see the penguins in the Atlantic District, glaciers in Southern Patagonia, and the Cerro Catedral Mountain Resort in the Lake District.

So it is clear, No matter where your love of travel takes you, there’s plenty of new places on this planet to discover. Each continent has its countries, and each country has something unique and different about it. 


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