Best Places to Enjoy A Picnic in London

London Picnic Spots

Top 10 Best Picnic Spots In London

London Picnic Spots

Do you know that an increased number of people are suffering from stress because of hectic work schedules and mismanaged lifestyles? Yes, that’s the truth. But, guess what? The summer has come. Now, that we are in the middle of summer, which means that picnic season, has begun.

Wait, guess what else? If you look outside during the daytime, you would likely see the sun shining coming down from the sky. Although the weather in London is unpredictable, when the sun comes out, everyone rushes to the outdoors to enjoy a meal outside.

When the sun is out, there are two better things people should do immediately

  • First: Go outside in London
  • Second: Have a picnic and enjoy nature.

Undoubtedly, a city in glorious heat with lots of parks and grand green places is the perfect place for travelers to visit. So, chuck in beautiful surroundings and enjoy every last bit of it with plenty of snacks and liquid refreshments.

We love picnics, food, sunshine, and sunset. All these things add up to a good memorable time. My family always makes time for a spontaneous picnic during the warmer months. In fact, over the years, we have come to know some of the best picnic spots in London city.

Are you planning to come to London this summer for a holiday trip? Or, Are you wondering to know about the best places to go in London? Well, we have the perfect money-saving solutions for you to travel the places in your vehicle.

No matter where you are staying, we have listed the best London picnic spots:

Central London – Picnic Spots To Visit

St James’s Park

Green Park London

St James’s Park is one of the beautiful picnic spots in London. This royal park has a large lake with many waterfowl. Last summer, I and my friends had numerous picnics here, not least because the scenery is so beautiful. The gardens in London are the most beautiful and colorful, and the birds are truly an attraction. You’ll find here beautiful flower beds, The Queen Victoria Memorial, and The Blue Bridge with stunning views of Buckingham Palace across St James’s Park Lake.

Green Park

My favorite picnic spot in London is Green Park, where I have had more picnics than anywhere else in the city. Partly, because it is so central that it is easy for people to meet friends in the park after work. Additionally, there’s a supermarket located near the Green Park tube station where you can conveniently get all the picnic essentials from there. There is no doubt that you can always expect a lively picnic in Green Park.

North London – Picnic Spots To Visit

Primrose Hill

Thanks to the incredible views, now it is easy to see why Primrose Hill is so popular for picnics during summer afternoons. But, the skyline is not the only factor that makes this popular relaxed dining destination.

Primrose is pretty close to Clink and also a short walk from Camden, Regent’s Canal, Abbey Road. Furthermore, it’s a pretty good place to fly a kite after you’ve finished your picnic. Along Primrose Hill’s streets, you will find many delicious delis and cafés, like Anthony’s or the Greenberry Café. So, gather what you need for your picnic hamper and get munching.

Hampstead Heath

A short drive from Clink lies the beautiful Hampstead Heath, located north of the city. It’s a popular escape for Londoners in this part of the world.

Are you searching for places in or around London where you can find picnic spots and swimming pools? Well, none other than, Hampstead Heath is one of the areas with famous bathing ponds and Parliament Hill Lido. In the summer, Heath becomes the first place where the Londoners go when the weather warms up. Fortunately, there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy. There is nothing like the wild green space in North London, with views of the city, rolling meadows, ancient woodlands, and lush plants. When the sun goes down people enjoy picnicking in front of Kenwood House and love eating on Parliament Hill, where they can enjoy the views of London.

East London – Picnic Spots To Visit

Victoria Park 

Victoria is the oldest city park that is purposely built for the public and has loads of areas for outdoor games. This vast open space is referred to as the “people’s park”, and visitors find here plenty of stylish Londoners dressed in all their denim-tie glory. Additionally, it is one of the great alfresco eating spots, having two lakes, a boating pond, and a playground.

London Fields

In east London, London Fields is one of the best picnic areas for people who are foodies and love to enjoy theirs weekends. The Broadway Market is close to the park, so it’s easy to grab prepared foods, beer, bread, and cheese. It’s the perfect place to embrace the great outdoors on a sunny afternoon in Hackney. As soon as the weather gets warm, the working east-enders start hoping to kick back and taste the ketchup.

If you ever need to cool off your head just halt your working schedule and head to the park first, ok? On sunny Saturdays, workaholic people enjoy going to Broadway Market with their families and buying delicious food from the market. This is another place that is packed with a fun atmosphere.

South London – Picnic Spots To Visit

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park Lonodon

One of London’s oldest Royal Parks in Greenwich, and is fairly large about 183 acres. From the Greenwich Planetarium to the University grounds there is plenty to see and do within the grounds. But, the best picnic spot is probably on the top of the hill, which rewarded people with excellent views of the Thames and the London skyline. After taking in the sights, visit the Royal Observatory, the Cutty Sark, the National Maritime Museum, or the Deer Park to get close and personal with mother nature.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park is another great spot for travelers in London. We apologize if we are spoiling you for choice ;)

But, honestly, this South London foodie hotspot is the perfect place to visit with its pedals, boating lake, and walled gardens. You may associate Battersea Park with images of dogs and cats, but if you’re more of a goat whisperer, head to Battersea Park Children’s Zoo and pet your stress away.

In Battersea Park, there are several picturesque gardens. However, one of the most relaxing is Sub-Tropical Garden, where you can relax among the palm trees and admire exotic plants.

West London – Picnic Spots To Visit

Richmond Park

Richmond Park offers a scenic view of mountains, woods, and ancient trees. Despite its popularity among Londoners, it is the largest Royal Park (more than 2,500 acres), and is always possible to find a secluded spot for a picnic. There are also around 650 deer living in the park, as well as birds, beetles, and bumblebees. So, be sure to keep yourself away from wildlife animals.

 Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens London

There are some of the coolest picnic spots in London within the spectacular floral borders of Kew Gardens. Even though you have to pay to go inside. But, the payment is worth it and you won’t regret it. Especially once you get a closer look at the newly reopened Temperate House that’s stuffed with impressive rare plants. Even if it rains, you can head into a greenhouse and admire exotic plants.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list has inspired you to take advantage of the good weather and wonderful food to explore more of London. Although picnics in the city sometimes might not always go as planned, however when they do, there is nowhere better to go for auto travelers.

About The Author: Abeera Aftab is a Digital Marketer having years of experience at PitstopArabia | Best Car Servicing Repair in Dubai, UAE. She is a Social Media geek, a complete foodie, and enjoys trying varied cuisine.


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