How To Visit Chicago Like a Local

Chicago Travel Tips

5 Tips to Blend in Like a Local in Chicago

Chicago Travel Tips

Known as the Windy City, Chicago is one of the popular cities in the United States. Many people travel to Chicago for personal and professional reasons. Hence, you will find plenty of details on how you can make the most of your visit to Chicago. Often when you travel to a new place or city you are easily recognizable as a tourist because of the way you dress, the backpack you carry, and the small details that instantly stand out in the sea of locals. However, you can always make use of these 5 tips that can instantly blend in with the Chicagoans and make you feel at home.

Use the El

If you flying into Chicago you need to make use of the Chicago EL or L which is the elevated rapid transit system that serves the city of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. If you are at the O’Hare you can use the Blue Line, similarly, if you are at Midway International Airport you can choose the Orange Line. The overall cost of these train tickets is so much affordable that most locals prefer to make use of Chicago El for their daily transit to and from the airport.

Skip the Luggage

When you are travelling across Chicago you want to store your luggage somewhere safe. For this, you can look for some short-term luggage storage options. LuggageHero can provide you with luggage storage Chicago services that would allow you to book your storage online and store it while you travel the city. With these services, you can store luggage in Chicago and go around exploring the city without looking like a tourist. With practically, no baggage with you it would be hard for anyone to know that you are not a local.

Eat Like Chicagoans

Chicago is known for its love of deep-dish pizza, but there’s so much more to the city as well. Hence, you need to move around and look for other food options if you love to explore the city. Chicago can provide you with the best Asian, Indian, and Mexican food as well. So, if you are ready to try some great food you can download some food apps that can help you find the best meals in the city. Also, make sure you never add ketchup to your hotdog because you don’t want to be recognized as a tourist.

Try Local Accommodations

Staying in Hyatt or a Hilton is a good way to stay safe and secure and add to your travel experiences. However, when you are in Chicago, try local hotels that offer you fair deals and pleasant stay experiences. You can look for some of the best boutique hotels in Chicago or even Airbnb, so you can always pick those over the chains.

Keep Cash Handy

Chicago is very traditional in some sense and therefore you will come across venues and food places where cash is the only mode of payment. Hence, if you want to move around the city and want to be at some local bars, casual food places and food trucks, you must keep cash handy.

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