Guide To Budget Eats For Travelers To Spain

Tapas in Barcelona Spain

Gourmet Tips for Students and Others: Top 5 Budget-Friendly Places to Eat in Spain

Tapas in Barcelona Spain
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Student years are the best for traveling the world and exploring new exciting places. But there’s one obstacle that prevents college students from enjoying their trips to the fullest: a tight budget.  Students are notoriously short on money, and there are good reasons for that – like student loans and the inability to work full-time while studying. If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of the problem, too.

Also, there is another issue that is sometimes hard to tackle: lack of time due to extreme workload. Luckily, you can always buy college essays on and, thus, make time for other activities – traveling, for example.  But what about the money issue? It shouldn’t stop you either as there are lots of cozy and affordable places everywhere – especially in countries like Spain, where food is one of the main attractions for tourists from all over the world.  If you’re eager to know some places in Spain where you can get a meal and not ruin your budget, read on.

In the next paragraphs, you’ll find quick overviews of the following:

  • Croq & Roll (Barcelona)
  • Malaspina (Madrid)
  • El Tigre (Madrid)
  • Salad Place (Valencia)
  • Chocolat (Madrid)

Croq & Roll Croqueteria (Barcelona)

This place is overwhelmingly popular among tourists in Barcelona. With almost 1.500 reviews on Google and an overall score of 4.4 out of 5, Croq & Roll is one of the top choices for everyone looking for tasty traditional meals and a pleasant atmosphere.

As this is, in its essence, a croqueteria, croquetas (bechamel sauce fritters) are the main attraction here. They are typically made with cheese and ham, but at Croq & Roll, you’ll find more variations, including vegetarian ones. Another dish to try there is patatas bravas – some say they have the best ones in the city there.

Malaspina (Madrid)

A staggering 3000+ reviews on Google with an overall score of 4.3 and positive ratings on Yelp and TripAdvisor, plus a very affordable price range make the Taberna Malaspina in Madrid an obvious choice for every student.

Here, you can get two things at a time: a cheap but tasty traditional meal plus the unique atmosphere of a genuine Spanish tavern. What’s more, they serve hefty portions of food and offer free tapas when you order wine, too.

What else can you ask for? Probably, some memorable photos and a chance to boast that you’ve been to one of the most famous eating places in Spain!

Tapas in Spain

El Tigre (Madrid)

This noisy bar is definitely not for everyone, and it certainly won’t do if you’re looking to spend a pleasant and quiet evening. But for students, El Tigre, with its endless bar counters and round wooden tables that have probably seen better days, can be an ideal place to meet up with friends for a beer or two.

Beer is famously cheap in this place. But El Tigre’s greatest attraction is not the beer but the snacks that come with it – for free. It’s usually tapas, and not the most impressive ones, too. But if you’re not too capricious and appreciate the atmosphere of a beer bar, this is definitely the place to go.

Salad Place (Valencia)

In case you need something more modern and simple, Salad Planet in Valencia can be a delightful choice. Though not exactly cheap, it offers a great choice of salads and wraps, plus you can also construct your own unique salad, too.

Although either a salad or a wrap at this place will cost you 8 euros or more, Salad Planet has an amazingly high rating, and the reviews are mostly excellent. Besides, it’s an ideal place for vegetarians, which can’t be said of other places in Spain with somewhat more traditional flair.

Chocolat (Madrid)

Sometimes, everything you need to keep you going is a tasty dessert. In that case, you can head straight to Chocolat Madrid, which is one of the most famous confectionery stores in Madrid.

Churro Dessert Spain

There, you can grab a freshly made traditional Spanish churro (fried salty-sweet dough, often dipped in chocolate) and consume it on-site or take it away to taste later. On-site is preferable, though, because Chocolat is located in a little corner in Barrio de las Letras (Triangle of Arts) – one of the most popular tourist places in Madrid.

Wrapping Up

Spain’s pleasant warm climate and its famous Mediterranean beaches have made this country a tourist staple. But there’s more to this land than the sandy beaches and warm waves.  Spain also has a rich and fascinating culture, and food is a significant part of it. Luckily, the country offers a wide range of choices for gourmet trip lovers, from the lush and expensive to the cozy and affordable places.



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