7 Memorable Scenic Hiking Spots in Italy

Top Hikes Italy

7 Top Hiking Spots in Italy To Add Some Adventure to Your Next Trip

Top Hikes Italy

Italy is an amazing country for all sorts of travel. Here, you can find amazing beaches for a lazy vacation, restaurants with delicious cuisine for gastro-holidays, and even dramatic peaks to hike.  If you are one of those who when going on vacation, want to try it all, Italy welcomes you. In other words, this is the best place to go if you are a traveling student, young couple, or seasoned adventurer.

For those who love hiking, we have advice. Leave your tasks and assignments to native writers from EssayWritingService.com and pack your staff. An amazing vacation awaits you.  Here are some of the top hiking spots in Italy to add some outdoor adventure to your journey.

Tre Cime di Lavaredo Loop

If you happen to be anywhere near Venice, Tre Cime di Lavaredo Loop is definitely worth hiking. It’s located about a hundred km north of the city and charms you with amazing scenery. Some hikers say that here you get to see nature that is absolutely breathtaking.

The Dolomites in the Alps is a place you should definitely check out whether you’re an experienced hiker or a newbie. The trail to Tre Cime de Lavaredo is relatively easy, so expect many people on your way. Yet, the sunrise or the sunset on the summits of these three peaks is your must-see in Italy.

Sentiero Degli Dei

Sentiero Degli Dei HIke Italy

Wikimedia Commons by: Anila amataj

The north is not the only place where you should look for beautiful peaks. If you go southeast of Naples, you’ll find absolutely amazing Sentiero Degli Dei. However, it’s not even the peak itself that makes this trail wonderful. If you choose this road, you’ll get a breathtaking tour above the Amalfi Coast that is worth all your time and efforts.

We recommend including Sentiero Degli Dei in your tour program the moment you decide to go to Italy. Even if this trail owns the intermediate difficulty rating, it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre Hike Italy

If you are a fan of slow hiking to explore some local cities and villages, this trail is for you. Located northwest of Florence, Cinque Terre unites five lands of the five coastal towns in Italy. This hike is fairly recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

The trail was mostly closed throughout the entire 2020 and was only recently reopened. Despite all traveling restrictions, this trek alone is worth going to Italy. You won’t regret any minute you spend preparing for this trip.

Valnontey Valley Tour

Valnontey Valley Italy

This trail is possible to do in just one day, but slow down and enjoy what’s around you. Experienced hikers often come back admitting that this valley tour was a life-changing experience. How is that possible?

The scenery one gets to see, the waterfalls, the glaciers – all of it is something to remember. This is one of those trails where you don’t want to hurry. You want to stay and relax, discover the life of villagers, learn from farmers, and then keep going at a slow pace.

Stromboli Volcano Tour

Those who’d love to add a bit of extremity to their trip to Italy should come to Sicily. It’s not about Etna though. Stromboli Island has a lot of interesting things to offer to volcano lovers. You may have read a lot about this trek, but you will definitely find it completely different. They say it’s never the same. The fire show, as the locals call it, is always different.

This hiking tour, however, will require you to hire a professional guide.

Corno Grande

Corno Grande must be on the list since it’s the tallest peak in the Apennines range. It’s a classically triangular summit in the largest mountainous spine on the Italian Peninsula. Already sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Yet, you should remember that this trek is long and difficult. You need to land in Rome and travel eastwards to get to the trail. The hiking begins above the treeline at 7,000 feet. The thinner the air, the more challenging it becomes.

Alta Via 1

Dolomites Hiking Trails Italy

The seventh top peak in Italy will be in the Dolomites as the first one in our rating. That means, to visit it, you should land in Venice. A bit difficult to hike, Alta Via 1 offers an amazing view of the entire Dolomites. The beauty of color and the landscapes will take your breath away.

However, let’s be honest, this peak is better to be attended in the summer months. It can be a bit tough to hike it in winter, especially if precipitation is high.


If you are a student who loves traveling, Italy is an ideal destination for you. If you also love hiking, you simply can’t find a place better than this.

Already wanna go on a trip to this beautiful country? Not a problem.

  • Grab your tickets
  • Make sure you have all required documents
  • Save some cash
  • Draw your map of the favorite places to visit, and
  • Choose a peak to hike

You are all set!


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