14 Amazing Places To Eat Like A Local in Maimi

Miami Resstaurant Tips

Amazing Places to Eat After Your Miami Sightseeing Tour

Miami Resstaurant Tips
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So, you spent the day checking out the sights all around Miami and now you are hungry?  Well, you are in luck!  The city is full of an eclectic mix of restaurants to choose from that are sure to please any palate.

Sushi is always an option, and beyond that, there are Italian and Spanish restaurants where you can get a slice of pizza or enjoy a European dish. And Mexican restaurants serve favorites from south of the border.  Delicious flavors from Turkey and Greece are also available, not to mention traditional American fare.

Your biggest problem may be figuring out which of these fine establishments to choose from.  The good news is, with an abundance of fabulous Miami dinner spaces to try, anything from a quick lunch to a long relaxing dinner will be amazing.


Sushi and other seafood are one obvious choice as the city lies so close to the ocean. Makoto just so happens to specialize in sushi dishes, including nigiri sushi.  It offers other Japanese favorites, as well.


This amazing eatery originated in NYC. The minimalist decor draws you in the door and the menu has you coming back again and again. Tuscan-style lambchops and avocado and falafel salad are two favorites of regulars to Upland.


This emporium offers an oceanside view along Miami Beach and it serves up traditional Mexican fare.  All the dishes featured here are homemade.  Taquiza even makes and fries their own, unique version of a tortilla chip and totopos, their own, blue, tortillas made from corn!

Mandolin Aegean Bistro

This is a Greek and Turkish restaurant that sits nestled in the small courtyard of a former cottage that was built in the 1930s.   They are known for their beef and lamb meatballs, though if you’re feeling adventurous you can try some grilled octopus, as well!  Then wash it all down with one of their many choices of Greek wine!


Alter serves a feast for both the eyes and stomach. The tasting menu for dinner offers five or seven courses with every one of them a divine offering for the stomach. Will your favorite be sake-cured duck breast or Jonah crab shumai? Try this fantastic spot at least once!

Le Jardinier  

This is one of the local vegetarian options.  It is found in the Design District and features an art-deco theme.   Its vegetable-focused dishes showcase French methods for preparing beautifully colored, seasonally available veggies.

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27 Restaurant & Bar

This fusion restaurant combines elements of South America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.  One of their many specialties is kimchi, or fermented cabbage, that they include with their fried rice dish.  This locale is also housed in a former historical home.  The food may offer some spice, but you’ll stay comfortable in their air-conditioned dining room!


This Spanish restaurant specializes in dishes from the Basque region of that European country.  It is found at the Rubbell Museum and offers unique eats like beet tartare and caviar.  Here you can enjoy your dinner on their “breezy garden” patio.


Pizza is always a favorite, even when dining in Miami.  The owner of this establishment brought his recipes all the way down from New York City!  Lucali’s trademark technique is they roll out the dough by hand with empty wine bottles and then cook the pies in a wood-fired oven.

PLANTA South Beach

The vegan and vegetarian dishes this restaurant specializes in herald all the way from Toronto. They include a “sushi” made from dehydrated watermelon and a ceviche dish that replaces the meat with coconut.  Here you can enjoy a healthy, fresh meal in a tropical paradise!

Miami Restaurant Tips
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Joe’s Stone Crab

As its name would imply, seafood and crab are the specialties this emporium offers.  It also features plenty of outdoor seating and it is now accepting reservations.  It is adjacent to Joe’s Takeaway, where you can order all your favorite dishes to-go.


Wonderful tapas-style dishes are on offer at Sugarcane. Foie gras fried rice with shredded duck and coriander is just one of the incredible tastes you’ll find! Local beers are ready for sampling as well.

Sanguich De Miami

The Cuban culture strongly influences the local area.  This can be seen in this restaurant’s mainstay, its homemade Cuban sandwiches.  It even offers choices of several flavors of “batidos”, the Cuban version of milkshakes!

Quinto La Huella

Ready for a taste of Uruguay? Their famous 16-ounce grass-fed rib eye comes all the way from Uruguay, and wonderful seafood graces the menu also. This rustically designed eatery is on the beachfront; both the food and the atmosphere make it a must-try.

Get Ready to Dine

If you aren’t hungry yet, you should be after reading this list. If dining out is your next stop, this beautiful city will treat you right. The next time you want a scrumptious, Miami dinner, keep one of these tasty options in mind!

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