Top Neighborhoods of Philadelphia You’ll Want to Relocate To

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Philadelphia Travel Tips

Relocating to Philadelphia or Coming For an Extended Stay? Check Out These Places

Philadelphia Travel Tips

In 1682, a Quaker named William Penn founded a settlement in America where he declared freedom for all. Benjamin Franklin established Philadelphia in 1731, and it became the first planned city in English North America.  The City of Brotherly Love (as it became known) was the birthplace of American independence and the new United States Constitution. According to recent statistics, Philadelphia has grown to be the sixth-largest city in the United States, with approximately 1,603,797 residents.  Over nearly three centuries, this beloved city has been a beacon of American history and culture.

Are you planning a move to Philadelphia or coming for an extended stay?  You have several areas from which to choose to live in. Here is a brief highlight of six of the best Philadelphia neighborhoods for you to consider.

Chestnut Hill

If you’re searching for a new home with a quiet urban setting, you’ll be thrilled to settle in Chestnut Hill. It’s close enough to downtown Philadelphia, yet far enough from the city to feel peaceful and safe. It’s an ideal neighborhood for families or single people who crave many local things to do.

Chestnut Hill is known as the city’s Garden District for good reason. It’s full of breathtaking green spaces and is close to Fairmont Park and two creeks: Cresheim and Wissahickon. This affluent neighborhood is aptly listed on the National Register of Historic Districts.

You’ll never want to be without your camera, even as a resident. Germantown Avenue is the central hub of the neighborhood. Its cobblestone pavement boasts a bevy of unique shops, stores, and restaurants tucked within historic frontages.

Relax among the trees in Morris Arboretum or spend an afternoon in the renowned Woodmere Art Museum. You can attend the annual Home & Garden Festival. Chestnut Hill is a historic yet modern neighborhood you would love to call home.

Bella Vista

Bella Vista Neighborhood Philadelphia

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How about a neighborhood that offers its residents Old World charm with a modern flare? This Philly neighborhood of beautiful views is fondly nicknamed Little Italy, and you’ll discover why. It’s the address of the nationally famous Italian Market and choice restaurants, which is perfect if you’re a foodie.

Although the neighborhood pays homage to its Italian immigrant heritage, Bella Vista also offers a broad international presence. You’ll find restaurants, bars, and shops with the sites and flavors of Vietnam, Latin America, and other foreign lands.

Each year, the neighborhood welcomes international vendors for food, fun, and live entertainment for the South 9th Street Italian Market Festival. Whether you’re Italian-American or of another heritage, Bella Vista is a thriving neighborhood for singles or families.

Old City

Philadelphia Travel Tips

Closer to downtown and nestled on the shores of the Delaware River is the picturesque neighborhood of Old City. It’s a virtual Tale of Two Cities wrapped up in one district. While you can bask in the ambiance of historical architecture, residents still have the modern amenities of the big city. Old City is surprisingly calm and family-oriented to be so close to a central metropolitan area.

It’s a dream address if you’re a history buff, with iconic American sites such as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Betsy Ross House. Restored row houses from colonial times are mixed with modern shopping and top-class dining. Old City also has an ample supply of rentals and condos.


Does the checklist for your new home include being in a neighborhood with an artsy ambiance? A stroll through the one-time industrial hub of Philadelphia may tug at your heart. Callowhill was named for William Penn’s wife, Hannah Callowhill Penn, who was the creative force behind designing the city’s grid.

Among the remnants of historic architecture is a rising space of sophisticated art galleries and funky rock clubs. You may hear locals refer to the neighborhood as the Loft District as a nod to its modern high rises and trendy complexes.

Lose yourself in the world of art and entertainment by browsing through gems like the PhilaMOCA, the Khmer Art Gallery, or the Union Transfer. Callowhill is also close to Philadelphia’s Chinatown, a treasure trove of Asian cuisine and culture. With such enriching sights and sounds, you’ll never lead a boring life in Callowhill.

Fox Chase

Perhaps you’re tired of big city life and yearn for the sanctuary of rural living. You may consider putting down roots in the Northeastern Philadelphia district of Fox Chase. It has the fresh air rustic feel you want while not being too far from city conveniences.

Rental options for homes and apartments are usually affordable, and the green space in the area makes Fox Chase worth the move. You’ll be close to scenic venues such as Fox Chase Farm and Burholme Park, as well as excellent restaurants and shops. Public transportation on SEPTA is conveniently located at the Fox Chase Station.


Of all the pet-friendly neighborhoods in Philadelphia, your top choice may be Manayunk. It is a historic mill district located right behind the Schuylkill River, which creates a stunning landscape. You and your fur babies will delight wandering down the main streets lined with vintage Victorian facades and row houses.

Manayunk TowPath and Wissahickon Park are within walking distance, and you have easy access to Center City. Along some of the quaint walkways, you have a choice of fine dining and entertainment venues. Frequent events such as the annual Manayunk Art Festival and Spring Restaurant Week are just a few of the cultural offerings of the neighborhood.

Finding a Place to Call Home

If you plan to move to the City of Brotherly Love, these top six neighborhoods may pique your interest. They provide the best of Pennsylvania’s history while highlighting its modern elements. One of these lovely and lively neighborhoods maybe the address of your next home.


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