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How and Why To Learn To Speak Spanish in Madrid

Spanish is the second mother tongue in the world; 22 million people in 100 countries study it, and it is already spoken by 580 million people.   Travelers from all around the world travel to Spain to study this language, and Madrid is one of the favorite places to do so.

Madrid Spanish Lessons

Madrid is the capital of Spain, and it is the center of political and economic life.  It is the perfect place to perform professionally since it offers numerous internships in its main companies. It is also the headquarters of the most important institutions dedicated to the care and diffusion of the Hispanic language, like the National Library or the Cervantes Institute. It has been a source of inspiration for many generations of writers. For this reason, most people from abroad choose to study in a  Spanish school in Madrid, since it is de ideal destination to learn the language.

Madrid is an excellent starting point for travel since it is located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula. It is a city that offers many options and it has a varied cultural agenda. It is the home of several world-class art museums, like the Prado Museum. There are live concerts of classical and contemporary music daily.

You will also find amazing parks and natural areas, bars where you can enjoy a tapa with a drink, restaurants where you can taste the best local food, and many other leisure areas. And, of course, what most characterizes this city: the vibrant, long-lasting nightlife. There is always something to do, at any time! And no matter where you need to go, because this city is connected to one of the best transport networks in the country.

The city of Madrid is a relatively new urban settlement compared to the other European capitals, but it has become a great metropolis that looks to the future without forgetting its past. It hosts both wide new roads and narrow streets with their centuries-old cobblestones, modern parks, and the old town’s squares. It has great monuments and historical symbols, and at the same time beautiful modern features.

Learning Spanish in a Spanish school in Madrid is an exceptional experience because of the huge international student atmosphere. It will make you see that knowing a language involves much more than memorizing words; it is also about its history and culture. If you learn Spanish in Madrid, you will experience its art, flamenco, literature, history, and people; that is the greatest way to learn a language and improve your communication skills. Studying Spanish in Madrid will make you feel like a Madrilenian in no time!

Living in Madrid

Madrid Travel Tips

Foreigners who want to take a Spanish Language course in Madrid wonder how life is in this city. Madrid offers an excellent quality of life.   The crime rate is low, it offers a good climate, there are free public services, and the transport system is very efficient, with trains, buses, and the subway facilitating mobility.

What is more important is that Madrid is affordable compared to the rest of the major cities in Europe. It is one of the few cities in Spain with the best balance between work and quality of life.  Spain is considered to be one of the most convenient countries for foreigners studying Spanish or undertaking a project. Taking Spanish classes in Madrid is an excellent choice since this city has created initiatives in favor of immigrants, and it has a relatively accessible cost of living. The basic food basket is accessible to everyone. Migration policies are flexible. The government offers visas and permits that are tailored to the objectives of each visitor.

Another advantage is that many foreigners are living in Madrid as it’s a tourist center in Spain.  So if you decide to take Spanish lessons in Madrid, you will be able to meet people from different cultures who have gathered here. The culture and nightlife are very diverse, so you will always have something to do. Also, the people of Madrid are very hospitable and nice, and they love to make friends. They will do their best to make you feel at home.

You can find accommodations that adapt to your needs and your budget so that you can live in Madrid without spending thousands of Euros on a home. And the health system is first class, so you can have quality medical care. But it is essential to buy health insurance. Attending a private consultation is expensive, and the public system won’t attend you if you are not insured.

Employment Opportunities

You will not have major problems working in Madrid, because the unemployment rate is quite low: 9.8%. This city is constantly growing, and jobs are continually being created. Another important thing is that many famous companies globally, such as Amazon, Apple, and Samsung, are based in Madrid. These companies are always looking for new employees, so you have good business opportunities and in the world of technology.

If you want to work while you study in Madrid, you must consider the following things: your work activities cannot interfere with your classes, and your working hours cannot exceed 20 hours a week. The salary you earn cannot be necessary to live in Madrid; that is, to cover your maintenance. Your employment contract must be signed by you and your employer and cannot be longer than the duration of your visa.

Requirements to Live in Madrid as a Student

If you want to attend Spanish courses in Madrid, you must take into account your nationality. Citizens of the European Union do not need any type of visa for Spain or authorization to stay in the country. Citizens of some Latin American countries and the United States can stay in Spain for 90 days (one semester) without the need to apply for a visa. They only have to apply for a visa if they want to stay longer. However, some countries must obligatorily apply for a visa to study in Madrid, but this depends on how long they want to keep since there is a short-term visa and a student visa.

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