Helpful Tips For Creating Better Travel Videos

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Travel Video Tips

Practical Tips For Creating an Eye-Catching Travel Video

Travel Video Tips

Exploring new places without visiting them is the modern way of enjoying new cultures. Travel videos deliver to people the virtual sensation of touring.  Numerous travel enthusiasts create videos of their journey and share their travel tips along the way. Such videos are today’s top-listed views among other travelers who love to wander the world.

In today’s huge online video arena, beginners require a few tips and tricks so they don’t get lost in the crowd. Below we will go through some basics of creating an eye-catching travel video.

Do Some Research In Advance

Similar to all other talents, travel video making requires a good amount of practice. But to gain success, you cannot wait to become familiar with the job on your own. The easiest way to understand the procedure of creating the best travel video is to view the works of other eminent personalities in the same field.

When watching their videos, pay attention to those parts of the video that are the most entertaining and informative. Try to learn from them as you prepare videos in your unique style. Scrutinize the specific details of light, angles, transitions, etc. Observe their style minutely and try to understand the gaps in the videos through people’s reactions. In this way, you can set up a clearer picture in your mind regarding how your video should flow and tell the story.

Get Ready With Your Camera

Grasping a brand new, expensive camera is not a simple task as you are starting up.  Today with the evolving improvements in mobile phone cameras, virtually everyone has a video camera in their pocket. Getting to know the capabilities and setting for your camera in advance is vital.  As you experiment with taking short videos, you can experiment with the several settings available in your camera and choose the perfect and the best one for your travel shoot.  Remember that hand-held cameras can take shaky images, so have a stability holder or photo arm, and practice keeping your hand very still while filming.

Select the Video Editor Carefully

The video editing tool you select is one of the most important steps of creating an excellent travel video. This step needs to be done correctly to showcase your work perfectly. Video editing is as important as the shooting of the video. Depending on your budget, choose to use video editing applications on a free or paid basis.  Research these apps online to find the best one for your needs.

Take special care while managing the color and contrast of all the clips in the video. The clips may differ from one another due to various weather conditions and light availability. The video editor tool allows you to produce an extraordinary approach to the video-making process.

Engage Your Viewers In the Storyline

Make a beautiful story and be an interesting storyteller through your video. The viewers don’t enjoy unnecessary chaos or interruptions in a video. Remove those disruptive situations to present a clear and distinct video flow for your audience.  Editing the video is as important as shooting it.

That’s why proper advance planning is crucial. First, chalk out a story in your mind, then carefully carve your footage into the desired storyline. Learn to strike a balance between the points of maximum interest vs minimum passing coverage.

Take Distinct Shots

Shooting diverse shots will add extra flavor to your video. Try capturing live scenes in your camera in various ways and forms. Covering shots from a moving vehicle or spinning movement magically intensifies the video and glues the audience to your post. As you sit to edit the video, find out which one will enhance the appearance of the videography.

It is important to keep your viewers’ eyes engaged to carry through the whole video. This is only possible if you can successfully make it interesting by adding more and more diverse shots.

Focus on the Uniqueness of the Place 

The place where you are traveling to and shooting your video is all-important.  Your piece should include each and everything related to that place as time permits. Try to concentrate on the locals of the place and include local cultures as you encounter them. Your audience will connect with the locals of the community.  You may either fix your lens from one person to another each time or prefer to take shots of many at a time.

Engage in a conversation with them and explore the place through their eyes and voice. Such little shots of discussions improve the quality of the video and reach out to your viewers in a more accurate way.

Add Interesting Motion

Travel videos must include some activity within them. But while capturing stagnant architecture, it becomes a direct challenge for you to create some action in the frame. In such cases, add motion to your video using the camera movements or some other special features in your camera. Like, a time-lapse will make a fixed topography active.

Or else, bring out your original and unique talents to impose life in static places. This method will ensure that the eyes of your audience will keep running and waiting for the next bit in the video.

Weave Your Video Bits Smartly

While shooting, you must capture numerous clips to be edited later. But, it is wise not to shoot too much that you fail to experience the place by yourself.  You don’t want to be constantly looking through the camera lens and not enjoying the place yourself. Unless you feel the aesthetics of the place, you cannot convey them in your video.

Choose a part of the whole day when you dedicate your time totally to shooting video clips. Another part of the day should be spent appreciating and admiring the surrounding areas. This is how you can manage your work alongside enjoying yourself at the same time.

Add Music to Stills 

Only showing pictures and video won’t be enough to make a successful piece. The addition of music or voice should be taken into account before publishing the video. It’s a vital step in your journey of being a good travel videographer.

The tone of the music must match with the place you are showing. All music doesn’t suit every piece. You, as the creator, must realize adequately that what you listen to and what you watch must have the same feeling, tempo and complement each other.

Produce Your Travel Video Now and Let the World Admire Your Creativity!

You need to connect all the above-mentioned points using your originality. Initially, few mistakes may happen, but try not to repeat them any further. Understand what your audience wants and illustrate the places as per their desire. Here wishing you a delightful journey!

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