Guide To Best Shopping Districts in Madrid and What To Buy

Best Places to Shop Madrid

Best Shopping Districts In Madrid and What To Buy

Madrid Best Places To Shop

No matter where you are traveling, you will likely want to bring something back home as a souvenir. That’s exactly why so many travelers visiting Spain want to find the best places for shopping in Madrid.

Madrid itself is quite an interesting city with lots of things to see, but shopping in certain districts will bring you even more joy. That is if you know what the best places for shopping in Madrid are. Hence, here’s a guide to the best shopping districts for students, budget travelers, and enthusiastic shoppers in Madrid and recommendations on what you can buy there.  Let’s get ready to shop!

#1 Calle Gran Vía

Whether you are looking for traditional Spanish food or you want to shop for high-quality clothing items, Calle Gran Vía definitely has something for you. This area is one of the liveliest in the entire city and is great for shopping and dining. In fact, you can even go bar crawling here! All of the biggest brands like Zara, Stradivarius, Lacoste, Mango, and H&M among others have their stores here, so there are many options to choose from.

Gran Via Madrid
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El Corte Inglés, a well-known department store, is all situated around the area, nearby the Callao square. The store offers a variety of products ranging from tech to shoes and accessories to delicious foods. Gran Vía itself has been nicknamed “the Spanish Broadway” and “the street that never sleeps”. It is known for its beautiful architecture which makes shopping an even more pleasant task.

#2 Calle de Preciados

Located between Plaza Santo Domingo and Puerta del Sol, Calle de Preciados is a pedestrian-only street that is also known for being a popular tourist destination (but is visited by locals often as well). If you are already visiting Calle Gran Vía, getting to Calle de Preciados will be very easy as it is located just south of Gran Vía. This means that you still get access to El Corte Inglés, but you can also visit stores like Springfield, Pimkie, and FNAC.

Best Places to Shop Madrid
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Calle de Preciados is known for a variety of products ranging from fashion to video games. In addition to that, it’s a great place to visit local restaurants and bars which can be the perfect break between your shopping sprees. In other words, Calle de Preciados is by far one of the most popular commercial areas in Madrid.

#3 Calle de Serrano

As tourism experts from the different sites put it, “Calle de Serrano should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Madrid. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s great for window-shopping.” Indeed, Calle de Serrano is one of the trendiest places in Spain’s capital. However, it is also known for being an expensive neighborhood which is why most items you’ll find here fall into the category of luxury goods.

Shops here are located in buildings that used to be small palaces which is why their interior design is often so striking once you go inside. Many luxurious brands have their stores here, including Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Miu Miu, Manolo Blahnik, and Carolina Herrera among others. If you aren’t too keen on luxury fashion, you can still shop at Zara which has a store here. By the way, the street itself has been nicknamed the “Golden Mile” of Madrid.

#4 El Rastro on Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores

Madrid street market
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After shopping (or window shopping) from luxury brands, you might want to have a change in scenery and try some budget-friendly options. El Rastro is probably the most popular flew market in Madrid and it’s the perfect place to visit next. Located on Plaza de Cascorro and Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores, it is usually open on Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm. The market is over 400 years old and has become a well-known tourist destination.

There are so many amazing things – both new and second-hand – to be found at El Rastro, including clothes, accessories, souvenirs, electronics, and even pets. The district is also full of restaurants and bars, so you can always take a break and grab something to eat. The only issue you might encounter while shopping here is that the area tends to get crowded sometimes which is ideal for pickpockets. In other words, keep your belongings safe!

#5 Las Rozas Village

One of the best things about Las Rozas Village is that this is one of those destination options for you that can be reached by bus. Though it is located on the outskirts of Madrid, it is just as great of a shopping district as some of the places listed above that are located closer to or right in the city center. The area is quite beautiful with stores built in the style of small Mediterranean houses.

Much like the El Rastro flea market, Las Rozas Village is the place where you can find great deals for a variety of products. That’s why both tourists and locals shop here. Moreover, the reduced-price deals you can find here often come from big-name brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Ray-Ban among others.

#6 Mercado de San Miguel

Madrid Shopping Districts
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As food experts from reliable sites explain, “Mercado de San Miguel is somewhat of a heaven for food enthusiasts. There are so many things to choose from and you know that you are always getting quality foods.” Also known as San Miguel Market, Mercado de San Miguel is perhaps one of the most popular places in Madrid to visit.

The place itself is a historic center which adds up nicely to the food you can purchase here. From cheeses and meats to baked goods like bread and pasta to fresh fruits and vegetables, the market is usually overflowing with delicious things to eat. You can also order tapas and enjoy Spanish wine.

#7 Calle de Fuencarral

Madrid Shopping Tips
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Despite being one of the most run-down areas in Madrid in the past, Calle de Fuencarral is now a prospering shopping street that features even high-end brands. It also has great bars and restaurants, so you won’t stay hungry while shopping here. Some of the most well-known brands with stores here include Levi’s, Adidas, Mac, Brandy Melville, Jack Jones, Adolfo Dominguez, Intimissimi, Sfera, New Balance, and Lush.

Interestingly, the street is also known for its alternative fashion, so you could easily discover a lesser-known fashion designer here. Calle de Fuencarral also has tattoo and piercing parlors for those who want to get a truly unforgettable experience in Madrid.

#8 Princesa

Last but not least, Princesa is one of those places for tourists to forget about their travel-related problems and even get a chance to relax a little after shopping by changing their activities. Besides, Princesa is located not far from Gran Vía, so you could easily get there right after completing your shopping spree.

This area is known for having some of the best cinemas in Madrid, so if you are a film enthusiast, this is where you can see the latest releases of Spanish and world cinema. In addition to that, popular brands like Zara and Mango also have their stores here, so you can continue shopping after your trip to the movies.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Madrid definitely has something for everyone. Whether you want to try as many traditional Spanish foods as possible or you are looking for a luxury good to purchase or maybe you just want to explore local flea markets – there’s always an option.

Instead of only visiting a single shopping district in Madrid, visit multiple places. After all, who knows when you’ll get another chance to visit this beautiful country and shop in its capital? And, of course, use this guide to help you with your shopping!

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