Top Places For Fall Road Trips in Late October and November

Fall Road Trip Tips

Best Places For A Scenic Late Fall Road Trip

Fall Road Trip Tips

Who said that endings aren’t beautiful?  Look at the trees swaying in the autumn breeze, shedding the old to welcome the new for the year to come. What a beautiful ending!

Fall has a certain charm in its ambiance that quickly bewitches people into positivity and a sense of wellbeing. Maybe it’s the excitement of the holidays ahead or the just mesmerizing beauty of the warm fall colors. From walking down lanes with red and yellow fallen leaves and stepping on them for luck, we all fell in love with this season.  So,’ve been waiting all year for Fall and all its elements, how about taking a trip through the fall breeze and amber delights.  Here are the best places you can visit for a scenic fall road trip in late October and November.

Rhode Island 

For the smallest state in the country, this place has all the surprises that it can hold for the Autumn season. The scenic beauty cannot be described with words, you have to take this Fall road trip.

You may want to begin your trip with the Rail Explorers Excursion in historic Newport. Then take your time traveling Route 1 and Route 1A to visit Blithewold Mansion & Gardens in Bristol.  From the Blackstone Valley to Narraganset Bay, there are many fall scenic delights in Rhode Island.

Route 6, Pennsylvania 

History seems like a common theme in our Road Trip for Fall journeys. This brings to us our next choice across Route 6 in Pennsylvania. This route is beautifully ornamented with mountains, woods and serenity personified.

It is not just you driving among the crisp fall leaves. You can start with the Elk Country Loop which goes through the Wilds. Your next destination could be the Straub Brewery for a rest before exploring the World’s End State Park for camping, hiking and the real cabin night experience.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Virginia and North Carolina is a heaven for Fall Road Trips, with scenic beauty worth every photo capture, and paths that help you make your road trips go smoothly. If you are a romancer of the mountains then this is the best place for you to take your next Fall road trip.

Not only will you be cruising through the hills but also witness the mesmerizing Fall leaves. This is the best road trip if you want to go hiking and take in the season’s splendor. You can also visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the most visited National Park in the United States to add to the wonderful experience.

Ozark Mountains 

A marvelous destination filled with lakes, mountains and even beaches is the Ozark Mountains. Its scenic sensations work as a Yin to the Fall’s Yang, perfectly complimenting each other. It is the meeting point of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

You can start your journey by mapping out all the places you can visit in the three states, so that’s a bonus. Start driving down the lake of Ozark, Missouri. Its Autumn views are a treat for your eyes.  Other Top attractions are Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Bridal Cave, and Stark Caverns; etc.

South Pacific Coast, California 

If you reside in the west and are not willing to travel all the way across the country, this might be the place for you, giving you all the pleasures of a mesmerizing Fall road trip.

The route starts ocean-side in Los Angeles before it goes uphill towards the Point Mugu State Park hiking point.  The streets in LA are bustling with shops and restaurants, and it will give you the experience of a road trip but also you can spend some time shopping for your fall decorations and eat some good apple pie.

Have A Safe Drive 

Fall is the season of gratitude and giving thanks. So, take a moment to give a little nudge of acknowledgment for all your year-long accomplishments with an enjoyable road trip.

Travel safely and cautiously as most of these areas are mountainous regions. Make sure to carry all the necessary elements for your road trip as you might not be able to stop while traveling on the highways.  Be sure to take enough food and snacks; music; and some good company would do it!


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