Austria’s Top Ten Festivals You Should Not Miss!

Salzburg Austria

10 Top Festivals in Austria

Salzburg Austria

Tourists come to Austria to experience its unique charm and beautiful countryside.  Visiting during the holidays and festival seasons is especially inviting in this regard. A simple look at how the locals celebrate a holiday can teach you a lot of new and interesting things about their culture. However, the number of holidays in Austria is so enormous that you would be unlikely to be able to attend them all. So, let’s discover the most popular Austrian celebrations that you should not miss!

Visitors come to the United States to visit the country’s most popular places and experience top festivals like New Orleans Mardi Gras.  In a similar way, Europe offers a wealth of exciting activities and festivals as well.

Austria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, attracting visitors with its distinctive architecture, history, and celebrations. Look for the most prominent festivals and events if you want to fully immerse yourself in local culture.

Best Festivals In Austria

You can visit Austria for its colour at any time of year because it has a variety of celebrations all year through.

#1 Viennale

When: October 21 – 31

This is a film festival that allows you to view the world premieres of the best films in the magnificent interiors of Vienna during the golden fall season.  The Viennale is the most prominent film festival in Austria. Every October, the festival is held in five cinemas in Vienna’s historic district.

The vast majority of its approximately 100,000 visitors are teenagers. The Viennale program is primarily concerned with international documentaries, games, and experimental films.  The Austrian Cinema Museum takes part in the festival every year, offering retrospectives and thematic cultural activities concerning the history of the cinema industry. The museum grounds and the main cinemas are turned into a festival environment.

#2 Vienna Popfest

When: July 25 – 28

Vienna Popfest is a four-day music festival. It allows guests to experience the latest sounds of Austrian pop music. The event is free to attend.  It is staged in several settings each year, ranging from a watery stage in front of Karlskirche (Karlsplatz) to the halls of local universities.

#3 Wiener Festwochen

When: May – June

Wiener Festwochen, often known as the Vienna Festival, is a cultural event that takes place in Vienna City Hall. It lasts several weeks in May and June.  The event was created to bring people together through culture and to rebuild the city’s image following WWII.

#4 Sonnenwende

When: June

Midsummer is a special period for the people of Austria. They commemorate the longest day of the year in various ways.  In general, there are numerous festivities throughout the country that are followed by fires and spectacular fireworks. On this day, people take Danube river cruises to see the show on the water and in the valley.

#5 Daffodil Festival in Ausseerland

When: middle May – June

It is Austria’s largest flower festival. It usually begins in the middle of May and lasts until the middle of June. During this time, over 25.000 people visit Ausseerland.  During this time, the flowers are hand-picked from the meadows to make magnificent sculptures that flow along the lake’s waters.

#6 Seefestspiele Mörbisch

When: summer

The Mörbisch Lake Festival is a music festival. It takes place during the summer months. It receives around 150,000 visitors each year.  The Mörbisch Seefestspiele is the world’s largest operetta festival. The stage is located in a natural environment, with Lake Neusiedl in the background.

#7 Tyrol Festival Erl

When: July

Tyrol Festival Erl is an annual event held in July. It lasts three weeks.  The festival takes place in the Festspielhaus that was built in 2012 upon the project of Delugan MeisslArchitects. There is no curtain or orchestra pit in the building, the action takes place on the front stage, with the orchestra stationed behind the singers.

#8 Bregenzer Festspiele

When: July – August

It is one of the biggest musical festivals in Austria. It is held from the middle of July till the middle of August.

It takes place on Bodensee, in Austria’s westernmost region, Vorarlberg. For this festival, one builds the world’s largest floating stage, which can accommodate up to 7.000 people.  The festival is annually visited by over 200.000 guests. Spectators can watch the enthralling opera productions from a stage set up on the beach, and the performances appear even more original and magnificent in the setting sun’s rays. Those who have only attended the famed Bregenzer Festival will never be able to dismiss opera as a boring and monotonous form of art.

#9 Salzburg Festival

When: Late July – early August

The Salzburg Festival brings together classics and Art Nouveau, experimentation and exploration. Every summer, for a few weeks, provincial Salzburg transforms into a global cultural centre.

Salzburg Summer Festival is now one of the most well-known music events on a global scale. The festival’s repertory is continually evolving, from a focus on Mozart and Strauss to contemporary works. As a result, various segments of the public are drawn in.  The festival’s current artistic director, Markus Hinterheiser, effectively maintains the festival’s status as the year’s premier musical event, attracting new directors, artists, and performers from around the world.

#10 Snowbombing

When: Spring (April)

It is a ski resort festival held in the Zillertal Valley ski resort of Mayrhofen in Austria. It takes place in spring. Usually, it is mid-April. The festival lasts five days.

For a long time, the festival was held in different locations, including France and Switzerland. Eventually, it made its way to Austria’s ski slopes.  Mayrhofen has a population of about four thousand people, but it multiplies many times during the festival. Snowbombing is a good example of a peaceful holiday. In the morning, the guests enjoy a dream, in the afternoon – go in for sports, in the evening and at night – party at concerts and discos featuring popular performers from around the world and Europe’s top DJs.

There is a masquerade, forays into the forest, and “snow discos,” which are rooms built of ice and snow, throughout the festival. The music of the event is mostly electronic, but it also includes ethnic and experimental music, as well as Brit-pop and alternative rock.

As you can see, Austria is a diverse country with many fantastic festivals. They bring together the entire population of the state. Typically, preparations for such joyous parties begin months in advance. Furthermore, given the epidemic and the limits imposed, it is critical to keep track of the festival schedule, ticket prices, and availability to enjoy the season’s most spectacular celebration.


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