Can’t Go South This Winter? Throw A Fun Outdoor Winter Party Where You Are!

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Winter Outdoor Party Tips

Great Tips For Hosting A Fun Outdoor Winter Party

Winter Outdoor Party Tips

Once the summer finishes, many of us get ready for the upcoming winter. Even though winter brings bad and cold weather, many people enjoy the season from their backyard and have many variations of fun. This winter, you can go crazy with your family and friends by hosting an awesome outdoor winter party.

There are many things to do like creating a bonfire, playing winter games, serving warm foods, and many more! Here, we will let you know how you can host an outdoor winter party and have a great time overall.  If you do not have any clue about how to host an outdoor winter party, then you’ve come to the right place!

Things To Do When Hosting An Outdoor Winter Party

When there’s snow falling from the sky, it is the best time to decide on an outdoor party. Snow has many emotions in it, and a party during the snow can invite many wonderful things. Winter parties are similar to other parties; people get together and eat food, then drink to celebrate the joy.

Winter is a long season, so to make it entertaining, you can host an awesome outdoor winter party and invite your family and friends. If you don’t have a clue, check out for the best backyard games, decor.

Here are the things to do when you are hosting the outdoor winter party.

Ensure That Guests Can Get Enough Warmth

Even in the coldest wintertime, you can still enjoy a great party with your family and friends. But you have to keep your family and friends warm throughout the whole party. To do that, you must have a fire feature like a fire pit or chiminea.

There are many ways to keep your outdoor party place warm and cozy. An outdoor fireplace can cost around 1,500$ to $20,000, depending on its materials and size. The average cost for an outdoor fireplace is about $3,000. If it does not meet your budget expectations, you can go for these options-

Fire Pit: 

A fire pit is an affordable and amazing option than a regular fireplace. It is more portable than a fireplace, and it is not a permanent feature of your backyard. It is great for a last-minute party as you can get it for a low price from most of the home improvement stores. Also, a permanent fire pit can be installed in your backyard.


If you have enough space in your backyard to get a bonfire, this can keep the atmosphere heated up. Additionally, you can enjoy marshmallows to cook in the fire, this will make the party more interesting and fun.

Make sure the bonfire is safely conducted and it follows any government or local regulations. You do not want your party to be interrupted by police issuing you a fine.


Chimeneas are more of a portable fireplace option; they can keep everyone in a small gathering cozy with its heat. Chimeneas are a good alternative to other fireplaces for your gravel or patio areas. They are easily moveable and cost cheaper than other fireplaces.

Patio Heaters:

These are free-standing heaters that can be fueled by propane. Patio heaters have many styles, sizes and are available in many price ranges. Some of their model variations are tabletop, standing, and hanging models.

Decorate Your Backyard

Decorating your backyard is very important when you are going to host an outdoor winter party. If you have your patio furniture packed away, you have the time to decorate it differently. Buy some hay bales and then cover that furniture with old blankets. If you do not have a picnic table for your yard, you have to go and get one quickly. If a picnic table is not your thing, go for a decent table at any thrift store.

Cover your table with a tablecloth and make a centerpiece with branches, candles, and pinecones. Make a warm ambiance by lighting up paper lanterns via tree branches or by using tealights inside of mason jars. Just make sure you will create a wonderful and enjoyable theme for the party.

Foods And Drinks To Serve In The Party

When deciding what foods and drinks to serve, you have to think about what will be loved by every guest. Ideally, every food should be hot or contain warming spices, and those should be easy to prepare. Do all the prep work of the foods before guests arrive.

If you are going to serve kebabs, have all meats and vegetables cut and ready to be grilled. You can bring marshmallows as a great snack option for the guests.

Additionally, get all the necessary cookware items in the outdoor area. After gathering all the items into your decorated yard, you can begin the prepping for the dish of your party.  You can bring out your portable barbeque, which was stored on the patio; you will never go wrong with it. As for drinks, you can go for hot chocolate, hot coffee, and as for some alcohol, rum will keep your family and friends warmed up throughout the party

Guests Invitation Limit

Going out and in the house can create a big mess, as guests will track snow back and forth in your property. You will waste a lot of energy if your door is constantly being closed and opened, letting out all the heat of your indoors. You do not have to invite dozens of guests to every winter party. You can just invite a couple or a few single friends to join in.

Just Make Sure To Keep The Party More Entertaining

Aside from the fireplace, making marshmallows, and enjoying drinks, you have to keep your guests entertained. You can consider some oversized and inflatable games to work outdoors. Sports tubes are a great outdoor activity that works perfectly in the winter. It is usually used for floating on the water, but if you have an ice hill in your backyard, you know exactly what to do! Also, you can play card games, truth or dare, etc., to have the guests occupied.

The Last Words

Aside from anything else, remember to have fun and enjoy the whole party with your family and friends. It is a party that you are hosting during the winter, so you have to enjoy it to its fullest!

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