Great Tips To Keep In Mind When Planning a Fun Family Vacation

Family Vacation Tips

Tips For Planning A Great Family Holiday

Family Vacation Tips

Going on holiday with our family can be something we look forward to throughout the year, as well as something we get stressed about!  Enjoying a spot of travelling with those closest to us is a great way to bond and enjoy our time, and heading off to explore new places can be rewarding for everyone.  Today we want to take a look at some of the different ways that you can plan the perfect trip away with your family and have an amazing time.

Limit Travel Distances

When you are planning a holiday with your kids, one of the main issues you will face when travelling is tantrums and tears. Children have a very low tolerance and attention span, and this means if you are to head on a plane, they will get bored and cranky very quickly. If possible, try to find a route to your destination that is shorter and this will ensure that everyone in the family is happy and content on the journey.

Prepare Children In Advance

Before you take the kids off somewhere new, it is a good idea to sit down with them and go through the trip and what they will be doing. Children will be much better prepare for a trip if you give them some guidance to begin with, and they won’t feel anxious about what is to come if you talk to them about where you will be going. You can also consider safeguarding your children before you go away with a tracking app and navigate here when they are off playing to ensure they are safe and sound when abroad.

Encourage New Experiences

You only live once, and that means making the most of your time together is the most important thing! Take the opportunity when you go away with your loved ones to explore new places and try activities you might never have tried before. Exploring a fun ruin or going abseiling can be great experiences and it will bring everyone out of their shell and give them some amazing memories to look back on when you go home again.

Make it a Group Trip

While going on holiday with just your own family can be a great thing, sometimes the best experiences and memories come when you group up with other families too and go for a group trip. Invite your best friend’s family or your sibling and their kids away and rent a large villa or house to stay in. This will be a great experience for everyone and the kids will have plenty of people to keep them entertained on your holiday!

Plan a Surprise or Two

If your kids love theme parks, one surprise you could give them on holiday is to take them to a local theme park at your destination. There are some amazing places around the world that offer unique rides and attractions, and a surprise will be a great way to show your kids how much you love them and how much you care.

Let Them Pick Some Activities

If you want to get your kids involved in your holiday more; one great idea is to let them choose what you do for a whole day. Give them the chance to pick where you get breakfast, what attractions you go to see, and where you go for dinner. This will make them feel like it is their holiday too and it will be a great thing for everyone to enjoy together.

Do Something Unique

Rick climbing, water skiing, abseiling… all of these things are activities you wouldn’t usually find on a normal day out and that’s why they are perfect for your holiday away with family! If you really want to make a holiday experience to remember, trying something fun and unique on the trip is a great way for you to step out of your comfort zone and do something you would never do at home.

Pick the Right Accommodation For Your Family

They are many different choices you can go for when it comes to accommodation. You can choose to go for a hotel where breakfast is included in the mornings, an apartment for your family, or you can choose to rent a private villa and enjoy the freedom and space. The accommodation you pick will largely depend on your plans when on holiday and the kind of space you enjoy. If you like the idea of privacy, a villa with a pool could be a great choice for you and for your family.


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