Favorite California Road Trips Recommended By Travel Experts

California Road Trips

Favorite Road Trips When Visiting California: By Travel Experts

California Road Trips

California is the United States’ third biggest state. From a travel perspective, it offers a diverse mix of beaches, mountains, green wilderness, small deserted towns as well as vast glistening cities!  There are few places in the world that are as suited as California is when it comes to road trips.

Lovably referred to as the ‘Land Of Fair Weather’, California has been able to attract tourists from not only within the country but also from other continents!  If you are someone that is looking to plan your next road trip, you would be interested in what we have to say in this article. All you need is a great vehicle, some amazing company, the best music playlists, and the heart of an explorer.  So, put on your seat belt, and let us look at the best of what California has to offer to road trip enthusiasts.

Start your Road Trip on the Pacific Coast Highway

As an experience, driving along the Pacific Coast Highway is hard to beat. What you get is 1000 miles of sheer driving pleasure that snakes its way through some scenic beaches, glittering coastlines, delectable seafood shacks and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets.

California Highway One

The highway connects San Diego with Orange County and Santa Barbara. You can also play a few slot games in Las Vegas and conclude your journey at the tech capital of the world, San Francisco. Along the way, you can catch the fabulous forests in Big Sur.

According to experts, the best time to plan a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway is in the Spring and Summer seasons. You should also be careful of proceeding with SR22 insurance before you set out on your road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Explore Natural Reserves and Mountains along the Sierra Nevada Highway

If you are someone that loves to explore geological formations that date back thousands of years, you should take a road trip along the Sierra Highway. Highway 395 takes you through high-altitude mountains, the American Wild West, and offers a ton of pleasant distractions in the form of recreational centers.

There are so many famous geological sites that you can visit on this route. For example, you can check out Mammoth Lakes, Alabama Hills, Mono Lake, as well as the Bodie State Historic Park. Whether you want to chill at a hot spring or catch a movie shooting, the Sierra Nevada Highway offers plenty of promise and excitement.

According to enthusiasts, the best time to visit is during June and September. You are not going to get bothered by the excessive cold. If you are someone that wants to explore tons of outdoor activities, this is the perfect route for you.

Discover the History and Greatness of the land while driving on Iconic Route 66

Route 66 Road Trip

If you know your music, you will know that Route 66 enjoys a special place in rock and roll history, pop culture, and Hollywood! In fact, many point out that this was the route, which a lot of artists had taken when they first came to try their luck in Los Angeles.

Route 66 is all about nostalgia. You can still find century-old family diners, along with relics of a bygone era. If you are someone that is fond of history, you will love staying at the old motor home lodges that so many celebs and artists, when they were struggling had used.

Route 66 led to Los Angeles and was considered in folklore as the road that would take one to the promised land. You go through the Mojave Desert, and the famous San Bernardino forests. This is what America was all about, and exploring this history can be priceless.

Soak in California’s countryside and try out exotic wines in Napa Valley

Napa Valley California

I am sure that you must be aware of what Napa Valley is. For the last few decades, this part of the world has been slowly emerging as one of the hottest ‘wine and dine’ destinations in the world. With vineyards as far as the eye can see, you can check into small lodgings, or even try out five-star accommodations.

It is best that you take a pause on your road trip and spend a weekend exploring Napa Valley. You will get to try out the best organic staples from some of the greatest chefs in the world. If you are looking for something fun, you can try your hand, or rather should I say feet for crushing grapes.

Taking a road trip to Napa Valley can be perfect for couples. It can allow them to unwind, relax and take in the serene beauty of the countryside. You need to take Highway 29 to reach Napa Valley and create memories for a lifetime!

The Final Takeaway

Apart from the above-mentioned road trip routes and destinations, you can also visit some other iconic landmarks like Death Valley, Avenue of the Giants, Bohemian Highway, and Disneyland. If you would like us to assist you in planning your road trip, or seeking travel insurance, please reach out to us in the comments below.


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