Best Ways To Save Money When Booking Travel Online

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Online Travel Booking Tips

How To Save Money When Booking Your Trip Online

Online Travel Booking Tips

Back in the day, the only way to book a holiday was to go down to your local travel agents and book tickets with them there. You’d usually end up on a package deal with flights and a hotel included, but nowadays our options are more diverse. There are lots of ways you can book a trip online while keeping the costs as low as possible. Here’s a selection of tips and tactics to teach you how to save money whenever you book a holiday online:

Don’t always book a return

Sometimes, return tickets with one airline are the cheapest option around. Other times, you can save a lot of money by booking two separate tickets. This is a smart tactic, especially if you are close to multiple airports. Some people live a short drive or train journey away from a handful of airports, meaning there are dozens of airlines that might fly to your desired travel destination. It could be quicker to fly with one airline on the way there, then another on the way back. Likewise, flying to or from a different airport might also be quicker than booking a return ticket.

Pack Less – Bring travel washing powder

You can buy washing powder or liquid that you can bring with you when you travel, helping you save money when booking a trip. Wait a second…how does that work? Well, it’s all to do with paying for luggage. If you take lots of clothes, you’ll need a larger bag or suitcase, usually meaning you have to pay more money. However, bringing washing powder means you can wash your clothes in the hotel sink, letting you bring less with you. Thus, you take a smaller bag, avoiding any extra baggage charges.

Buy insurance separately

When booking your flights, it’s customary for the airline to offer you some type of insurance during your trip. Sadly, this isn’t always the best and cheapest option. Instead of wasting money on something that offers poor coverage at a premium price, shop around for travel insurance elsewhere. You can always find better deals online, saving you some precious money.

Online Travel Planning Tips

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Compare accommodation options

Before you book a hotel, look at all the other accommodation options in the area you’re traveling to. You might find that there are much cheaper places for you to stay that aren’t hotels. For example, an Airbnb can sometimes be much cheaper – especially if you’re traveling in a large group. Or, staying in a hostel might save money when traveling alone.

Use loyalty discounts

A lot of travel websites will have loyalty programs to help you save money. As an example, has the Genius loyalty scheme, offering discounted prices to customers that use the site regularly. If you have any loyalty discounts to use, they can help you save an absolute fortune while you travel. So, always check the site you’re on to see if you’ve got any exclusive offers.

Try all of these tactics when booking your trip to save as much money as you possibly can. Now, you can enjoy your vacation with more spending money in your pocket!

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