Top Reasons To Take A Catamaran Charter Honeymoon

Catamaran Charter Honeymoon

Why you need a Catamaran Charter Honeymoon

Catamaran Charter Honeymoon

With all the effort that goes into your wedding, it is important for you to choose an extravagant option for making your honeymoon special. You need to plan and prepare a lot before choosing the perfect option for making your honeymoon extraordinary. You need not settle down for the most ordinary option for spending time with your newly married wife. Crewed sailing holidays are incredible options for you that allow you to enjoy an all-inclusive sailing vacation aboard your own hired luxurious and comfortable catamaran – just imagine sailing the romantic Amalfi coast with your loved one!

A catamaran offers the best experience for your yacht charter honeymoon. These provide a lot more advantages than a monohull charter. Let us see why you should always opt for catamarans over monohulls for your honeymoon sailing holiday.

Spacious and Roomy

Catamarans are considered an all-time favorite for sailing honeymooners because they have two hulls on either side of the yacht that makes it more spacious and roomy. You and your wife can enjoy more privacy and more space for yourself. Couples have the benefit of enjoying a stateroom all by themselves to avoid the crew. In addition to this, catamarans have more open space both above and below the deck for the couple to spread out, relax, and chill.

Smooth and Comfortable Sailing

Catamarans are designed with two individual hulls that help the sailing yacht to maximize stability and steadiness. You and your better-half can have a comfortable sailing experience and smoother journey without feeling or nervous or avoiding seasickness.

Couple Attractions and Activities 

A catamaran sailing honeymoon provides you with more attraction and activity options. Most of the catamarans that are offered to the honeymooners have the onboard water toys like surfboards, paddleboards, and diving equipment. If you choose a beachside place for your sailing holiday for your honeymoon, you can indulge in diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling at the vibrant and colorful coral reefs for a perfect romantic activity during the daytime. You can enjoy all these activities as a couple and enjoy exploring the underwater marine life together.

Ability to Explore Shallower Regions

When compared to monohulls, catamarans are much faster and nimbler. This means that you have the chance to explore the areas that have shallow water levels where it becomes impossible to discover on a monohull. They are best for Mediterranean and Caribbean sailing trips. Additionally, you can plan to visit bays and coves that are in the shallow water regions. You also have the chance to cover more areas and stop in ports during the course of your honeymoon sailing vacation.

Contemporary, Modern, and Stylish Designs

When you choose a catamaran for your sailing vacation, it comes with contemporary, stylish, and modern designs. They include high-class accommodation onboard. The staterooms are ultra-modern and stylish and the showers and the en-suite showers have been designed for modern-day couples. Most of the couple catamarans come with equipment like Wi-Fi, great galleys, and 360-degree viewing from the yacht deck. For your honeymoon to be cozy, private, and comfortable, you can opt for the entire catamaran yacht for making the experience and journey special and unique.

Why you need to sail in Thailand

Thailand is one sailing destination that is popular for its delectable street food and its variety along with stunning beach locales and mesmerizing landscape. Sitting in the South-East part of Asia, you will find a lot of beautifully made temples, and hence Thailand is known as a religious country. Besides its beaches and landscapes, Thailand also has some fantastic areas that are perfect sailing destinations. The marine world of this Asian country offers a lot of opportunities for you to dive in the blue-green waters for snorkeling or deep-sea diving.

With so much that can feed your wanderlust, here is a guide on the best places in Thailand that you must visit on your yacht charter vacation.

  • Koh Hong Krabi

The archipelago of Koh Hong has almost 12 charming islands that are well-known for their splendid rock formations made of limestone that rise majestically over the crystal clear lagoons underneath them. You can take out some time from your sailing vacation and visit this place to experience the ‘Hong’ or hidden room within the lagoon caves and go for snorkeling at the rock base just off the Krabi coast.

  • The Beach of Rai Leh 

The Rai Leh beach is situated between the Krabi and Ao Nang. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. If you love hiking and rock climbing, then you can add this place to your sailing itinerary for climbing the towering cliffs made of limestone. You can anchor your yacht at the nearby dock and then take a small boat to reach the place because it is the only accessible way.

  • The City of Phuket

Before setting your sail for returning, don’t forget to spend some time in the city of Phuket. You can head to the Old Town to get the historical vibe of the country. Or if you wish to visit the city in the evening, then you can taste some authentic street food items in Thailand that are so flavorsome that you will never forget.

  • The National Park at Phang-Nga 

When you enter the national park at Phang-Nga, you will feel the richness of that place. It has fertile land, flora, and fauna in abundance. It also boasts of mangrove trees. This is the best place to go for kayaking as the background makes the perfect setting for the kayakers to spend some time floating sophistically down the meandering river course. If you are lucky, you also have the chance to see some wildlife inhabiting near the river banks.

  • Koh Phi Phi Island

The island of Koh Phi Phi is the main island in the archipelago of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. It is renowned for its gorgeous beaches with white sand that are soft and gentle. You can just stroll through the beach and feel the sea breeze. Koh Phi Phi is the ultimate place for you to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. You can enjoy a leisurely day and opt for water adventures like diving and scuba diving.


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