Top Things To Know Before Visiting Bali For The First Time

Bali Travel Tips

5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Bali

Bali Travel Tips

Located in Southeast Asia, Bali is one of Indonesia’s most iconic islands, famous for its incredible volcanic mountains, rich spirituality, and, of course, beaches that are hard to compete with. Putting Bali on your travel bucket list is always a great decision. In case you’re interested in delving into what this island has to offer, here are 5 things you should know.

When should you visit?

The first and most important question one must deal with when visiting a new place is determining the most ideal time to travel. Sure, most people would guess right that Bali has a hot, tropical climate. The temperatures range between 25-30°C all year round, which couldn’t be more ideal for a vacation. However, what some might not know is that a year in Bali is made up of a wet and a dry season, and the two offer a rather different experience to visitors.

What most people would regard as the best time to visit this paradise is the dry season: from April to October, you can spend all day on the beaches and hike the mountain paths with no problem. From November to March, the wet season brings more humid and rain-prone days, which turns the scenery dreamy; you can expect smaller crowds and better prices.

Naturally, you should keep up-to-date with travel restrictions and quarantine requirements, too. Currently, a Visit Visa is necessary for entry, however, this document is valid for 60 days so you will have plenty of time to explore this majestic destination before it’s time to go. Luckily, you can also apply for Visit Visa online with little hassle.

Impressive nature and wildlife

One of the biggest selling points of this destination is its incredible, rich nature. From beaches through forests, volcanoes, and waterfalls all the way to scenic rice paddies, you won’t get bored exploring the many views of Bali every day of your stay.

Bali Waterfall

Start by touring the breathtaking green sceneries of Ubud in the heart of the island. The relaxing nature will make you forget about your life back home. For impressive mountain views, head to Mount Batur, and take a short hike up to the top. For an unforgettable adventure, set out to find waterfalls hidden in the lush greenery of the forests.

Animal lovers may want to get in touch with the fauna of the island as well. You can do that by visiting sanctuaries like the Ubud Monkey Forest where Balinese long-tailed macaques reside among atmospheric temple ruins. You can also see lots of exciting animal species from a safe distance at the Bali Zoo. It’s a must if you like orangutans!

Vast spirituality and local customs

As mentioned in the beginning, Bali is no less than a spiritual hub; with thousands of temples scattered around the island (some estimate it to be over 20,000,) people often say there is a temple wherever one looks. Indeed, you must not miss out on visiting at least a few of the most notable temples of Bali to truly experience what the locals’ culture is all about. You will be spoilt for choice, but make sure you don’t miss out on Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, and Ulun Danu Beratan if your time allows it!

Of course, when you’re getting acquainted with a lifestyle completely different from your own, culture shock is inevitable. Simple ignorance can end up putting you into uncomfortable situations if you are not well-informed, which is why it’s paramount that you get yourself acquainted with some of the customs of Balinese people. For instance, while the weather may dictate otherwise, you can only enter temples while being appropriately covered up.

Additionally, since locals are highly religious, you can most likely expect to run into some sort of religious ceremonies, festivals or rituals while you’re there. Make sure you check their event calendar for the time of your visit not to miss out on such an authentic experience!

Accommodation and getting around

When looking for places to stay, you will find that there are many options. Different corners of the island offer a different experience, so it’s worth doing some research and choosing accommodation according to the places you plan to visit and activities you want to undertake.

For a truly luxurious experience, you can look for exquisite Bali Villas in the hubs of Seminyak or Canggu, or even Uluwatu. If you plan to do a lot of exploration and getting around, Ubud is also a fantastic choice.

Speaking of getting around, another thing you should know about Bali is that the public transport system is by no means comprehensive. While it has developed a lot, and there are several shuttle bus routes to pick from, by far the most popular way to get around this place is by hiring a moped. The option of taking a taxi or using ride-hailing apps is also there. Explore your options to optimize your spending.

Activities abound

As if the sheer beauty of this place wasn’t enough in itself, adrenalin-loving visitors will not have to worry about getting bored either. Water sports are particularly popular in Bali, so if you like to cool down in the blue waves, this is the place for you.

Bali Attractions

You can explore the colourful underwater flora and fauna in the calmer waters, try rafting on one of the many untamed rivers, or pump your adrenaline with a surfing session. Kuta is often referred to as a true, bustling surfers’ paradise, but there are plenty of other beaches to choose from, including both easier and harder spots. Be sure to inform yourself in advance since different spots are more ideal during different seasons!

If rather than blood-pumping water sports and demanding hikes, you want your trip to help you relax, unwind, and rediscover your spirituality, you’ve come to the best possible place for this. Try spending time at a spa or yoga resort and you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your trip.

There is no doubt that Bali is more than worth visiting, and if you get the chance, you should grab it. Do your homework beforehand and learn about this island and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Good luck!

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