5 Top Budget Friendly Family Vacation Destinations in USA

Budget Family Vacation Destinations

Top 5 Family Vacations on a Budget

Budget Family Vacation Destinations

Traveling is an amazing experience yet it can be quite expensive. No matter where you go, certain expenses are inevitable. Thankfully though, you do not have to be a wealthy person to travel to some wonderful destinations. There exist tons of terrific vacations locations you can travel to on a budget with the whole family.

If you want to have a great adventure with your family but have a very limited budget, do not despair because it doesn’t mean that you cannot go anywhere. You can, and here are some of the best budget-friendly family vacation destinations. Consider these interesting destinations in your plans for your next family vacation.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s known places. People from all over the globe dream of visiting it, and you may do it almost for free. It will not cost you much but just to eat on your way to it and fill up your car. The expenses are the smallest while the impressions are unbelievable!

The Grand Canyon is nearly 277 river miles long and around 18 miles wide. This is a natural wonder of the world located in northern Arizona. You can meet thousands of tourists here coming from all over the globe and gazing at this miracle. The mighty Colorado River has expanded the Grand Canyon.

The wonder is managed by the National Park Service and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. If you are looking for a peaceful time to spend, though, this one may not be for you. Thousands of people are gazing at the Canyon, so this place may be pretty crowded.

The trip will be especially exciting for those who love hiking and camping. Thus, if you are this sort of a family, you should definitely include the Grand Canyon in your future top must-visit places.

Columbus, Ohio


Columbus is famous for rather a lot, though there are no pompous buildings that make visitors reflexively pull out cameras. The old city districts are perfect just to take a walk without a certain goal, except to drink a cup of coffee or look at the river standing by the seafront.

Downtown is a center of business, tourism, and cultural exchange. There are a few significant attractions, for example, the Ohio Statehouse that was built in the style of the Greek Renaissance in 1840-1860s. There’s also the Museum of Art, University of Franklin, Columbus-Commons Garden. The well-known LeVeque Tower is a 47-story Art Deco-style building that remained the tallest building in the city from 1927 until 1974 when the Rhodes State Office Tower was completed. It is difficult to see it from the bottom, but the top floors of the tower are decorated with stylish reliefs.

The best things to do in Columbus:

  1. See a copy of the Santa Maria ship.
  2. Take a picture of James Barney Children’s Fountain near the Battelle Riverfront Park.
  3. Walk to the south of High Street, admiring the old buildings. In particular, the famous Great Southern Hotel & Theatre (1897).
  4. Go look at the Indian mounds, which have been over 2000 years old.

Denver, Colorado

A lot of different low-cost attractions are situated in Denver, Colorado. If you are looking for a great destination on a budget, that is it! You can visit such places as the City Park, Denver Zoo, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Colorado.

These are the greatest places for the whole family to visit and amuse. You can swim a lot, see cute animals, and just enjoy your time. This destination is very low-cost. Your kids will love the Children’s Museum of Denver on the Marsico Campus. Just one trip to Denver will keep you amused for a long time and bring you tons of amazing emotions!

Washington, D.C

Washington DC Travel Tips

Although it sounds banal, you will still find your trip to Washington D.C. very exciting, and it will become a great vacation on a budget for your whole family. Can you imagine that the Smithsonian Institution doesn’t charge for admission to the best museums in the world? Each of them is worth spending the whole day in.

All the sites have a very convenient location near the National Mall, the Reflecting Pool, and the Washington Monument. If you do not have much time, you can easily visit several museums in one day since they are located close to one another. The National Air and Space Museum is beloved by both kids and their parents.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach Travel Tips

Of course, Myrtle Beach can be both cheap and expensive. Everything depends on your own preferences and needs. If you are ok with just spending time on the beach, near the water, and laying under the sun, then you will only pay for a cheap hotel where you can access everything you need.

Families normally prefer the southern end of the beach since it is a bit remote and you are not overwhelmed with souvenir shops. Do not forget to have a Skywheel ride! If you are up to some social life, you will find plenty of restaurants and other places there.

A top-quality rest doesn’t have to be expensive, and there are plenty of options that may not require a lot of money and will bring unforgettable impressions to your family!

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