Why Gulet Cruises in Croatia are the Perfect Choice for 2022 Family Holidays

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Croatia Gulet Cruising

Top Reasons a Gulet Yacht Cruise in Croatia is the Ideal Family Holiday for 2022

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With the continuing outbreaks of Covid infections, it has become more and more challenging to plan a holiday that everyone in the family can get excited about.  A relaxing and pampered charter yacht vacation in Croatia may be the perfect solution to your holiday dilemma in 2022 and beyond.  Life aboard a traditional wooden Gulet sailing vessel is all about affordable pampering mixed with the excitement of exploring beautiful bays and quaint uncrowded towns along the 2,500-mile coastline of Croatia.  Let’s take a look at the top reasons a Gulet Cruise in Croatia is a great choice for your next family holiday.

Croatia is One of the World’s Best Boating Destinations

Croatia Gulet Cruising

With more than 1,200 islands scattered along the Croatian coastline, you’ll appreciate why this is truly a boaters’ paradise.  As you explore hidden coves, swim at countless blue-flag beaches, and spend your days floating on the sparkling azure waters of the Aegean sea, you’ll know just why Croatia is considered the hub of the Mediterranean’s “Blue Cruises”.  Your yacht will stop at quaint fishing villages where you can explore charming medieval towns discover ancient sites and sample local hospitality and cuisine.  There is something to charm every member of your family.

Gulet Boats – Traditional Schooners  With Modern Day Comforts

Gulet Cruising Croatia

Traditional Gulet boats (goo-let) have been sailing these waters for centuries providing transportation for traders, fishermen, and sponge divers.  Today’s Gulet Schooners blend the stability of the traditional boats with all the amenities you’d expect on a luxury vacation.   Consider them to be your floating boutique hotel, with a Captain, chef, and crew to assure that you have a memorable journey.

Cabins are comfortable and cozy, while the upper decks are wide and provide ample space for sunbathing, relaxing, and dining in the shade or under the stars!  Voyages are surprisingly affordable considering your transportation, attractions, meals, and entertainment for the whole family are all included in one reasonable price.  Of course, prices vary according to the size of the boat, the number of bedrooms you require, and the length of your journey.  Talk with Gulet experts to price out your ideal boating holiday.

Abundant Family  Entertainment

Charter Yachts Croatia

It is almost impossible to be bored on a boating holiday in Croatia.  While adults will cherish the time spent lounging in the sunshine, kids may need a bit more stimulation.  Luckily there are plenty of activities to choose from!  Everyone will enjoy frolicking and snorkeling at the many uncrowded white-sand beaches.  Go exploring with a kayak or paddleboard.  If you need more speed, make it a jetski, parasailing, or paragliding in nearby ports.  Your schooner will come equipped with a variety of watersports equipment for your enjoyment.

Croatia Family Sailing Vacations

When you go ashore, you can visit beautiful national parks with interesting hiking trails and dramatic waterfalls.  Explore medieval cities and secluded islands.  Discover ancient ruins or try some local dishes in waterfront cafes and shop for a treasure or two to bring home.  Chat with local fishermen or try your luck landing a fish for dinner from the boat.  No matter where your interests lie, there are activities for everyone on a Gulet cruise.


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