8 Exciting Things To Do in Germany For First Time Visitors

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Germany Travel Tips

Exciting Things to do in Germany for the First Timer

Germany Travel Tips

When visiting a country like Germany, that is rich with historical and cultural landmarks, detailed advance planning is imperative. If you are about to visit Germany and are looking for exciting things to do in Germany for the first-timer, you are at the right place. Below, we have provided you with a detailed guide to some of the exciting ventures you can embark on while being a first-timer in Germany.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall Germany

You must have heard about the Wall of China, but have you heard of the Berlin Wall? Stretched across 155 kilometers (96 miles), Germany built the wall during the Cold War, which broke out in Europe following the end of World War II. The wall was torn down in 1990, the remains are now covered in interesting graffiti. The preserved section of the wall that remains lists the victims that died during the Cold War. As a first-timer in Germany, the Berlin Wall would be an interesting historical adventure, an introduction to late 20th-century Germany.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Mountains

Germany is filled with picturesque views and natural scenery that will leave you stunned with their beauty. The Garmisch-Partenkirchen mountain range is one such beauty with its snow-capped mountains and lush green foothills that make it look as if it had come out straight from a fairy-tale. Located at a considerable distance from the hustle and bustle of city life, this dream destination is one of the prime spots for enjoying a camping experience.

  • Rheinstein Castle 

Rheinstein Castle Germany

If you are a history lover who enjoys archaic places, then visiting Rheinstein Castle is an experience you must not miss out on. Built around the 14th century, Rheinstein Castle is a classic example of Medieval architecture blended with Romantic influences with drawbridges and portcullis. The vineyards and castle gardens are also a sight to visit. Visiting Rheinstein Castle, you can enjoy the beauty of the place and fulfill your dream of staying in a castle. The castle is an operative hotel with rooms decorated with period furnishing to provide an authentic medieval experience.

Neuschwanstein Castle 

Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria Germany

Another historic landmark in Germany that you do not want to miss out on is Neuschwanstein Castle. Famous for inspiring castle designs by the Disney franchise, Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the picturesque sites in Germany that will leave you speechless. Its enchanting towers reach for the sky while its carefully preserved architecture stands in perfect contrast with its natural surroundings, adding to the dreamy vibe of the castle.

Black Forest

Black Forest Germany

Hearing the name ‘Black Forest’ might come across as eerie and creepy but do not be misguided by its name. The Black Forest located in the mountain range of southwest Germany is a magnificent sight to behold. The forest is dubbed ‘Black Forest’ for its canopy of such dense leaves that the lack of sunlight makes the forest wood appear dark in color. The site is famous for its countless tales and local folklore. Most of the eerie forest description found in the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales is inspired by this forest. The place is also famous for its natural thermal spas, a major attraction for tourists.

Heidelberg Castle

Germany is the country that holds the record for highest number of castles in the whole world. Thus, it is not surprising to notice that several tourist spots mentioned in the list are historic castles. Heidelberg Castle is another historic wonder found in Germany, built around the 17th century. The castle is considered a critical landmark of Renaissance architecture. Various parts of the castle have been rebuilt over time due to unfortunate disasters striking the place. However, the castle still amazes the visitors for being both a historic archive surviving in the Alps and reflecting the magnificence of Renaissance culture and architectural traditions.

The Island of Rugen 

Ruegen Island Germany

Although the Maldives has no competition for stunning sunny beaches and crystal blue waters, Germany’s Island of Rugen is no less in terms of its natural beauty and luxurious resorts. Rugen Island is Germany’s largest island, home to several natural beaches, historic towns, national parks, and luxury resorts where you can enjoy a memorable vacation, away from the noise and pollution of the city. If you prefer spending your holidays hearing the calming roar of the sea while basking in the cozy sunlight, the Island of Rugen is the ideal spot for that in Germany.

Holocaust Memorial

Everyone knows of the tragedy of the Holocaust, which resulted in the death of millions of Jews under the Nazi’s rule in Germany. To honor the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, a memorial was built in Berlin by Peter Eisenman: thousands of concrete slabs aligned in a grid pattern. The sight might not be a feast to the eye, but it serves as an important reminder of the crimes committed against humanity and the need to address the disparities concerning ethnicities and races to ensure that such tragedy is never repeated.

There you go with a concise list of some of the destinations spots that you must not miss out on while visiting Germany for the first time. Let us know whether your favorite tourist spot made it to the list or not? We are excited to hear back from you.

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