Top Family Friendly Experiences and Destinations Everyone Will Love

Familty Friendly Destintions

Top Travel Experiences To Do With All The Family

Family holidays don’t always have to be stressful, all-inclusive holiday parks. There are so many amazing things and places in the world. Your children can not only have a good time but also learn in the process but in a fun and exciting way. You could even look at what upcoming projects they have at school and see if you can somehow incorporate them into the holiday. If they were learning about animals for example you could take a trip to Africa and see the wild animals in their natural habitat. Family holidays are all about making memories that will last a lifetime, strengthening the bond you all have together and having a wonderful time. Here are some top travel experiences you could try with the whole family.

Santorini In Greece

Santorini Travel Tips

Although Santorini is best renowned for its Instagram-worthy romantic settings and picturesque spots, a trip to the Greek island with your family is not out of the question. Santorini is an excellent alternative for children who prefer an active vacation. Numerous organisations offer boat excursions to the caldera, and there are many fantastic swimming areas all across the island. This volcanic island has a fascinating past that history buffs will appreciate. Of course, the breathtaking sights don’t hurt either…

The Magnificent Maldives

We’re sure the Maldives will be on your list of places to visit, but did you know it’s also a terrific spot to visit with your family? The watersports and seafront attractions are, of course, the main allure. Swimming, diving, dolphin gazing, fishing, and other activities are available. You may also take a whale submarine trip or see a movie at the seaside theatre. What’s the best part? All of these activities are sure to be fun for you as well as the kids!

Kalkan In Turkey

Kalkan Turkey Travel Tips

Hike the Lycian Way with your adolescent youngsters for a breath of fresh air — it’s a beautiful route that runs through Kalkan. This region of Turkey is brimming with ancient marvels that are easily accessible on foot. The imposing ruins of Patara, a mysterious Lycian city with Roman baths and a magnificent theatre, are also nearby. Of course, once all of the trekking has worn you out, there’s always the gorgeous beaches of Kalkan to unwind on. Why not take a gulet trip and sail around the aquamarine coastline while you’re at it?

Beautiful Bali In Indonesia 

Bali is one of the most popular islands to visit in Southeast Asia, thanks to its fantastic snorkelling locations and idyllic coastlines. Take to the sea with your relatives to examine the corals, or join a boat excursion to see if you can spot some dolphins. On land, there’s the famous Monkey Forest in Ubud, where you can get face to face with these lovable primates – a certain highlight of your family vacation. Among all of these delights, Bali has a rich cultural heritage; take your children to one of the many museums and temples strewn throughout the island.

The Great Galapagos

Galabagos Islands Wildlife

The Galapagos Islands are the top destination as they have some of the world’s most endangered wildlife, and going on a trip there certainly provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the entire family to discover the biodiversity and learn new and exciting of this tropical island. All would enjoy seeing the various creatures forage, relax, and frolic on the shores, slopes, and cliffs of the islands of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal in their natural surroundings. As you and your family discover this natural wonderland, snorkel alongside sea lions, gaze at the trudging elegance of giant tortoises, observe frigatebirds, blue-footed boobies, and Galapagos crustaceans, and keep a keen eye out for marine iguanas, whales, sharks, and dolphins. On this stunning family-focused Galapagos adventure, you’ll see (animal) life as you’ve never seen it before. You can even get a Galapagos hotel package to save some money and have ease of booking the holiday.

Kenya In Africa

Kenya Travel Tips

As you travel from Nairobi to Masai Mara, forget about the hustle and bustle of Kenya’s capital and instead listen to the calls of flamingos, wildebeest, and lions. As you sleep underneath the starlight, the magnificent Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha provide a spectacular surroundings. Explore the grasslands in pursuit of Africa’s most powerful residents, such as big cats, gazelles, and elephants. Spend some time with the Masai and learn about their interesting traditional communities. Observe wildlife conservation that aids in the prevention of animal suffering and destruction. Kenya, the heart of the animal kingdom is truly an unforgettable experience for all the family and the children can learn so many new and amazing facts and information about the animals and the habitat they live in.


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