Essential Guide to Glamping – Everything You Need to Know

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Glamping Travel Tips

Everything You Need to Know About Glamping

Glamping Travel Tips
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What is Glamping?

Glamping is a fairly vnew term that has been coined to describe a type of vacation that is a cross between camping and luxury. It combines the best of both worlds, giving people the opportunity to enjoy nature while also having access to some of the amenities and comforts that they are used to. If you are thinking about taking a trip this year, and want to try something new, then glamping may be just what you are looking for.  Here’s our essential guide to Glamping that will tell you everything you need to know to get started planning your glamorous camping adventure.

Glamping, or glamour camping, is the latest and greatest trend in vacationing. It offers all of the fun and excitement of camping while providing a bit of luxury and comfort as well.  It refers to a type of camping that involves staying in luxurious accommodations, such as yurts, treehouses, igloos, safari tents, or even RVs. Glampers can enjoy all of the amenities of a five-star hotel while still being outdoors and experiencing nature.

Interesting Things To Keep In Mind

Glamping first gained popularity in Europe, but it has been gaining traction in the United States in recent years. There are now dozens of glamping resorts throughout the country, and more are popping up all the time. If you’re interested in giving glamping a try, here are some things you need to know:

  • Glamping can be expensive. Some glamping resorts cost hundreds of dollars per night.
  • Glamping doesn’t always have to be expensive! Many affordable glamping options are available, such as Airbnb and camping sites on public land with amenities like fire pits or picnic tables. You can also rent an RV from a rental company like Outdoorsy for less than $100 per night if you want something more luxurious but don’t want to pay top dollar.
  • If you go glamping in the winter months, make sure your accommodations are heated. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that not all tents come equipped with heaters (or even fireplace grates) so check ahead before booking anything too chilly outside during cold weather months. Otherwise, it could get pretty uncomfortable.
  • Glamping can be a great way to get close to nature. Glamping is an excellent way to ease into it if you’re not used to camping. There are usually bathrooms and showers on-site, so you don’t have to worry about roughing it too much.

Why Glamp?

There are many reasons why people choose to go glamping. Some of them include:

  • Glamping is much more comfortable than camping, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy the outdoors but are not fond of roughing it. Glampers can sleep in beds that have real mattresses instead of sleeping on hard ground with only a sleeping bag or pad for comfort. They also do not have to deal with carrying heavy bags or setting up tents and cots when they arrive at their destination.
  • Glampers get to stay in unique accommodations that cannot be found anywhere else. There’s something special about staying inside of an igloo, treehouse, houseboat, yurt, teepee, or safari tent. It makes your trip feel like an adventure.
  • Glamping is a great way to experience nature without having to forgo all of the comforts of home. Many glamping destinations have on-site restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and other amenities that make it easy to enjoy your time away from home without having to sacrifice any luxuries. So you can still tease your hair in the mornings and put on your trainers without feeling like an oddball.

What Kinds of Places Offer Glamping?

There are now dozens of places around the world that offer glamping accommodations. Some popular destinations include:

The United States

There are many states that have glamping options, including California, Colorado, Florida, and New York. Each one offers its own unique set of accommodations and activities for glampers to enjoy during their stay.


Popular spots include Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park or Alberta’s Jasper National Park. Both offer beautiful scenery with hiking trails nearby to explore the Canadian wilderness on foot.


Glampers can find some pretty unique sites in Australia, such as Margaret River in Western Australia or Queensland’s Noosa Heads area near Brisbane – all offering breathtaking views of nature at its best. The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns is one of the most popular places to go glamping in Australia.


Some great spots include Tuscany in Italy, Andalusia in Spain, and the Black Forest region of Germany. Each destination offers a unique set of activities and landscapes for visitors to explore while they are there.


There are many incredible destinations for glamping throughout Africa, such as Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Kruger National Park in South Africa. Each destination offers its own unique set of activities, scenery, and wildlife to enjoy while glamping.


Glampers can find some pretty excellent sites in Asia, like Thailand’s Chiang Mai province or Japan’s Nagano Prefecture. Both offer breathtaking views of nature at its best.

New Zealand

If you’re looking for a genuinely out-of-this-world glamping experience, look no further than Queenstown on South Island or Wanaka in the Central Otago region.

Glamping Travel Tips
Photo by Martin Robles on Unsplash

How Much Does It Cost To Go Glamping?

The cost of going glamping is surprisingly affordable. There are many options available, from luxury tents and yurts (starting around $150 per night) to safari-style lodges (starting at $400 or more).

How Can I Go Glamping?

The first step towards planning your glamping trip starts by deciding what kind of lodging you want.  Once you’ve chosen your accommodation, the next step is to find a glamping destination that suits your interests.

Here are some tips on choosing the right place – and what exactly we should look out for before deciding where our dream spot may be…

First off, you need to decide which type of trip suits you best depending on your budget. If money isn’t an issue, then luxury can definitely fit into any glamping trip, but there are options that can be just as fun for those who want to camp without spending a fortune. There’s usually a wide range of prices when it comes to glamping and luxury camping spots, so take your time in finding what best suits you.

Once you decide on the budget for your stay, research is vital – read plenty of reviews before settling on one destination. Sites like TripAdvisor or Google Reviews can give an idea about what to expect from each spot and whether pictures match up with reality. In addition, it’s crucial to find out things such as if the bathrooms are clean (or even exist) and how close amenities are; because who really wants to trek all the way across a campsite only to discover there isn’t an available shower?

Common Glamping Amenities

Glamping is all about enjoying nature without sacrificing comfort and luxury, so it’s no surprise that most glamping sites offer a wide variety of amenities. These can include hot tubs, shower facilities (some even have saunas!), private bathrooms with showers or baths, tents set up on wooden decks overlooking the water with electricity running through them. There are also some who prefer their own kitchen, which means cooking meals right inside your tent instead of outside under some trees (although there will always be an outdoor fire pit.) A nice way to enjoy yourself while still being close enough close to other campers.

Glamping Travel Tips
Photo by Li Yang on Unsplash

So what are you waiting for? Glamping is the perfect way to mix up your vacation this year and get a little taste of luxury while enjoying all that nature has to offer. So check out some of the different sites and experiences available and book your trip today. You won’t regret it.


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