Guide to The Best Shopping Experiences in the Philippines

Philippines Shopping Guides

Guide to the Best Places to Go Shopping in the Philippines

Philippines Shopping Guides

As the Philippines starts to ease restrictions and open businesses to revive the economy slowly, more people are getting excited to travel again. And what better way to explore the country’s well-loved places and culture than to go shopping and discover great, authentic finds?

Shopping in the new normal will undoubtedly be very different from before the pandemic hit the world. Nowadays, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to just casually enter a shopping mall and roam around in a carefree manner. Even the long queues and large crowds are a big no-no at this time when everyone is asked to follow strict social distancing protocols and health guidelines.

It’s still a long way to go before we get back to the traditional way of shopping. Still, businesses are increasingly getting creative and figuring out ways to offer compelling shopping experiences while keeping customers safe and protected.

Before you prepare your handy list, it’s best to know the malls, shopping centers, plazas, and bazaars where you can make the most out of your spending spree. Check out this guide for the top places in the Philippines where you can enjoy that one-of-a-kind shopping experience. 

Divisoria: The Market and 168 Shopping Mall

Shopping in the Philippines will never be complete without a trip to Divisoria–the country’s most popular bargain haven. Here you can find anything you can imagine at very affordable prices. There are a lot of wholesale and bargain deals that you wouldn’t want to miss.

From textiles, clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags to toys, furniture, kitchen and home supplies, school supplies, gadgets, you can choose from a wide variety of options and save a lot by bargaining. After scouring the markets, head to the five-story 168 shopping mall for the complete Divisoria experience, plus exciting food options.

Greenhills Shopping Center

If you’re after convenient shopping at its finest, then this covered, air-conditioned bazaar in San Juan City is the perfect fit. This popular shopping center is known for its export overruns or knock-off apparel and brands, designer bags, cellphones, computers, and electronics.

Bargain as best as you can and get value for money items that include household appliances, home and kitchen wares, antiques, jewelry and pearls, and a whole lot more. You won’t get hungry here because you can get your fill of favorite Filipino snacks and dishes from food stalls. When you get tired of shopping, you can recharge by catching a movie or dining at a restaurant.

Taytay Tiangge

Dubbed as the “Garments Capital of the Philippines,” Taytay Tiangge is the best place to be for the ultimate thrift shopping escapade. It’s a paradise for fashionistas of all shapes and sizes, as you can score deals on trendy clothes, women’s fashion, men’s sportswear, children’s pajamas, and branded imported apparel.

Nothing beats a fashion flea market where cheap meets quality. Shop to your heart’s content and be amazed at the finest selections of ready-to-wear clothes, shirts, shorts, pants, blouses, dresses, sleepwear, sportswear, pillowcases, and more. You can also get big discounts when you buy in bulk.

SM Malls: Mall of Asia, Megamall, Aura Premier

Shopaholics and people from all walks of life can easily get to these malls because they are accessible by public transport. From high-end department stores that showcase hundreds of local and international brands to a variety of household appliances and other items from supermarkets, boutiques, and more, these one-stop-shops have a bit of everything you want and need.

After ticking off all the items on your shopping list, give yourself that much-needed treat by exploring the different recreational areas, including cinemas, arcades, deck gardens, beauty salons, health spas, and other sports and entertainment centers.

Handicrafts and Pearls: Manila, Boracay, Palawan, Bohol

The Philippines is also home to bespoke artisanal products and handcrafted items that showcase the country’s rich culture and heritage: from weaved items and baskets to antiques, clothing, accessories, furniture, and more. If you’re after authentic baskets directly from the farms, then Antequera, Bohol’s Basket Capital, is the place to go shopping.

Palawan is famous for the highest-quality pearls, while Boracay is a souvenir haven. Intramuros in Manila is also a destination for handcrafted items and paintings. When in the Philippines, make sure to check out local souvenir and handicrafts stores to see genuine products made in the country.

Final Thoughts

But while it’s true that more people are shopping online because of safety regulations, it will still be hard to dismiss the power of face-to-face shopping. Yes, there have been massive shifts in shopping behaviors and preferences, but nothing will ever replace the physical shopping and browsing experience.

Don’t think twice about indulging in your shopping appetite and make the most out of endless bargaining opportunities to find unique items in the Philippines. Just remember to know, understand, and apply all the health and social distancing protocols, so you remain safe and protected while shopping.

About The Author:  Michael Hill works as a Marketing Manager at Ayala Land International. He believes that everyday is a chance to learn something new. In his free time, he writes articles about home improvement, personal finance, and    lifestyle.
Image:  Flickr by George Ruiz

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