Guide to Exploring The Turquoise Coast of Turkey on a Luxury Gulet Yacht

Turkey Gulet Cruising

Explore The Spectacular Turquoise Coast of Turkey on a Luxury Gulet Yachting Holiday

Turkey Gulet Cruising

The stretch of Turkish coast along the Aegean Sea is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.  Its scenery is so splendid that it was once gifted to Cleopatra as a wedding present from Mark Anthony. Today, mere mortals can enjoy cruising the turquoise waters, while visiting sparkling white sand beaches, hidden coves, luminous grottos, unspoiled islands, and historic sites dotted with ancient ruins.

While huge cruise ships call on crowded major ports, it’s so much more enchanting to experience a luxury yachting holiday on a traditional Turkish Gulet sailing schooner.  These custom-crafted wooden yachts are fashioned after the traditional fishing boats of Turkey, but come with all the modern amenities you could wish for on a pampered holiday.

Your days will be spent relaxing on deck while your captain, crew, and chef attend to your needs.  As you sail the crystal clear Mediterranean waters, go for a swim at a secluded island cove, snorkel, or dive to explore an ancient sunken city or Ottoman shipwreck.  Dock in colorful fishing villages, chat with locals and enjoy fresh seafood at local markets and cafes.  Enjoy towns and beaches that can only be reached by sea.  Take a hike to discover hidden waterfalls, expansive amphitheaters, and ancient ruins from Ottoman, Greek, Roman, and Turkish occupations.   There is so much to see and do on the coast of Turkey, that you will need a guide to help you decide on the best itinerary.  Let’s take a look at some of the top regions to explore on a Gulet yachting vacation in Turkey.


Bodrum Turkey Travel Tips

Boats of all sizes bob in twin bays with views of the medieval castle fortress above. Located in the southwest Aegean Sea, Bodrum is a beautiful town where tourism, shopping, restaurants and nightlife flourish.  The ancient castle of St. Peter was partially built with the ruins of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world and now a UNESCO site.  Today the castle houses the impressive Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology.


Turkey Gulet Cruising Tips

This is a delightful anchorage as the town is surrounded on three sides by the sea.  With 52 scenic coves in the region there is no shortage of pristine beaches for a swim!  Be sure to visit the local bazaar and practice your bartering skills, or visit one of the many olive and wine groves.


Marmaris has a lovely scenic harbor with evergreen mountains as its backdrop.  This is a popular spot for summer vacationers with lots of restaurants and lively nightlife – don’t miss the dancing water fountain with colorful light shows twice nightly.  There is an abundance of places to explore from Suleiman the Magnificent’s 16th-century castle, to Cleopatra’s Island with ruins of an ancient theater looking out to sea.  Take a hike in the National Park to discover ruins of a temple, theater, and sculptures.  An excursion that should not be missed is taking small boat up the Dalyan River to visit sulfur springs and perhaps take a mud bath.  Then continue on to the spectacular carved tombs in the cliff face.  Finally shop til you drop at the Grand Bazaar.


Gulet Luxury Yacht Holiday


This is the perfect place to go island hopping as there are 12 islands to discover.  Each one has a unique topography and are home to numerous archeological structures and historical landmarks.  There are ample small coves and beaches for relaxation, swimming, and snorkeling.


This bustling port city is another popular destination for its lovely scenery and ancient ruins.  Be sure to visit the Feithiye Museum which has artifacts on display from a succession of civilizations that have dominated this area.  Feithiye is also home to the Tomb of Amyntas dramatically carved into the hillside in 350 BC.  There are also ancient cities, abandoned Greek villages, carved rock tombs and the Butterfly Valley, all work discovering.

Gulet Yatch Holidays Turkey

As you can see, the Turquoise Coast of Turkey has a remarkable number of reasons to spend your spring, summer, or fall holiday in relaxed luxury on a charter Gulet yacht adventure.  It’s easier than you might imagine to find the ideal Gulet charter for your holiday.  The helpful folks at Gulet Experts can answer all your questions whether you’re seeking a family adventure or the ultimate romantic getaway.



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