Awesome Things To Do in New Orleans With Kids

New Orleans Family Travel Tips

Activities to Enjoy With Fun-Loving Kids in New Orleans

New Orleans Family Travel Tips

Although parenting is quite a difficult task in itself, knowing what your children may like or dislike can be quite confusing. Showing them that you are the coolest parents might not be as difficult as you think.What better way to do that than planning an exciting day out with them filled with adventurous activities in the city of New Orleans?

The city of New Orleans is located on the shores of the Mississippi River in the southern US state of Louisiana. It is one of North America’s most distinctive cultural centers. Here is a list of activities that your children will remember for a long time in Louisiana’s most dynamic city, New Orleans.

Go Fishing

When thinking of an activity that involves nature, fishing is ideal. Taking your children along for a boat ride with professionals who show you everything you need to know about fishing may spark an interest in them.

Booking Louisiana fishing charters for family fishing in New Orleans can be perfect as it is truly a fisherman’s paradise with a wide variety of fish available to catch. Showing kids how fun fishing can be; they may just take it as a hobby of their own in the future.

Visit The Louisiana Children’s Museum 

If you are looking for a safe and knowledgeable place for your child to play around with a variety of interesting facts that might catch their attention, The Louisiana Children’s Museum may be the right place for you. Located in the expansive City Park in the Lakeview district in New Orleans, the place is filled with a wide range of interactive exhibits for things like arts and crafts, nature play, and even an edible garden.

For children who are around the age of 5-8, the museum is perfect as its exhibitions support development. Whether it’s your child’s birthday or a regular family field trip, The Louisiana Children’s Museum will make sure that your child is enjoying their time playing and learning throughout the day.

Music in The Crescent City

If you find that your child is starting to get into the world of notes and harmonies, New Orleans is waiting for you with its everlasting music. From street performances to shows in the Preservation Hall, as if the city never runs out of Jazz.

The Cafe Beignet is also a place to visit as it offers some live Jazz performances as well tasty treats to go along with it. Whether you are a resident of the city or going there for a vacation, it is simply impossible not to get a taste of the music the crescent city has to offer and surely, this experience will be one to stick with your child for times to come.

The Sweets of Crescent City

Children tend to have quite the sweet tooth. Luckily, the city of New Orleans is filled with exquisite sugary delights; delicious enough to make anyone drool.

Beignets, Banana Foster, Pralines and King Cake are just a few famous desserts found in New Orleans (with the city’s own added specialties nonetheless) that will impress your little prince or princess.

The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

One must-visit location is The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Here, your child will be exposed to an insane amount of water life that resides in the American continent. From sharks, penguins to jellyfishes, it’s impossible to observe all these species in one visit. There are also alligators in the aquarium which may be a little scary for your children.

Past the observation point is a theater that screens documentaries on nature and wildlife. This experience shows children just how fascinating the organisms are present in the earth’s water bodies.

Exploring The French Quarter

The French settlers in 1718 founded this part of the city, although some architecture is Spanish styling due to renovations done by the Spanish after a fire in the 1800s. There are many shops around the district, selling old-fashioned toys, flavored sodas and small trinkets, all of which your children may like.

Exploration can get tedious on foot, so you can take a carriage to enjoy the district as well. While doing so, you’re bound to check out the Joan of Arc statue. The French quarter is truly the perfect place to give your children a fun and enjoyable history lesson.

The City Park Attractions

As mentioned before, the city park is home to tons of attractions that you may consider visiting with your little ones for a fun day out. The Carousel Garden is one such attraction, consisting of 16 fun rides that you can enjoy.

Right next door is the story land which features several larger-than-life statues of popular children’s figures from storybooks. Captain Hook’s ship, Jack & Jill’s hill are just a few to name. With a massive space of 1300 acres, the city park just keeps offering joyous activities for your young ones to take part in.

The Mardi Gras World

Here, you show your child the amazing artistry that goes on behind the scenes of the greatest free shows that the world has to offer. You can take an hour and thirty minutes long tour through their warehouse where the magic is created. The colorful and enjoyable scenery is likely to appeal to children. You can also dress up in their costumes and get yourself some king cake at the end of the journey.

In Conclusion

It’s necessary to go out and enjoy what life has to offer with your kids as it makes the bond between parents and children much deeper. This also gives the kids an opportunity to go out into the world and see all the things it has to offer, giving children a bit of a breather from being stuck at home in front of their study books.

Overall, if an eventful venture is what you and your family need, then New Orleans is the perfect city as you will never run out of things to explore, and the city will keep on offering new exciting adventures as time goes on. We hope you and the children have a memorable time. Have fun!

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