Essential RV Maintenance Checks Before You Hit The Road

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RV Road Trip Tips

Essential Maintenance Checks For Your RV  

RV Road Trip Tips

There are many reasons why owning an RV is a great idea. If you love long cross-country travels, comfortable road trips, exciting caravan trips, or just want to make the most out of your camping experience, investing in an RV is a great choice. However, it is important to carry out various maintenance checks to ensure your RV is in good condition. Additionally, conducting regular maintenance checks would also prevent expensive repairs and ensure your journeys in your RV are enjoyable and smooth. So, do you own an RV, or are you looking to get one soon? Then take a look at these maintenance checks you need to conduct regularly and most importantly before you leave on a new adventure.

Inspect The Roof

The seals and seams of your RV roof are vital in ensuring that water doesn’t get in to cause damage. Water leaks are likely to occur if there are open seams and broken seals around various roof components, such as the air conditioning unit, the vents, or the skylight. You can identify problems and fix them to prevent expensive repairs by carrying out regular checks. Fortunately, there are numerous reliable sealants on the market you can choose from to ensure your RV roof is in top-notch shape. You should also consider providing storage for your RV to protect it from elements that may damage your roof when it’s not in use.

Be Mindful of Your Windows and Doors 

Like your roof, the windows and doors of your RV must be in good condition. Naturally, the seals of your windows and doors are exposed to wear and tear. This may cause seals to weaken, allowing for moisture to seep into the RV. You can avoid this by applying lubricant to the rubber seals of your windows and doors. Doing this would prevent moisture from seeping through to damage your surfaces or encourage mold growth.

Check the Wastewater System

Your RV wastewater system contains two tanks — black and gray. The gray tank holds the water collected through the drain from the sink and shower. The black tank is for sewage. If these tanks are not properly maintained, you may begin to experience excessive buildup and clogging. In addition, the valves may begin to seize up, causing complete failure of your RV’s wastewater system. This would mean incurring large repair or replacement bills. Or uncomfortable trips in your RV. Therefore, it is vital to ensure its wastewater is in good condition. Flush the system out regularly and check that pipes are functioning as well as they should. Also, be sure to use the right chemicals to clean each storage to avoid damaging them.

Treat and Clean Slide Outs

A buildup of dirt, such as grime and debris, can be very problematic in or around your slide out. It can clog your sealing, leaving it exposed to rust. Due to this, it is advisable to lubricate your slide-out rails twice a year if it’s not working properly or anytime you hear squeals and squeaks whenever it is in use.


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