15 Important Things To Know When Renting a Car in Dubai

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Car Rentals in Dubai

15 Things to Consider When Renting a Car in Dubai

Driving a car in Dubai is a fantastic experience, but it’s important to pay attention to some aspects before renting. Let’s go through aspects you have to consider when renting a car in Dubai.

Car Rentals in Dubai

1. Documents

To enjoy driving a car in Dubai, you have to show your visa, passport, and driving license.

2. Cost of Renting

The cost of renting depends on the kind of car. The minimum price is $60 per day, and it’s only for mini cars. If a luxury car is the best bet for you, the price rises to $900 per day.

3. Parking Cost

Parking costs differ from city to city in Dubai. Approximate pricing is:

2 AED1
5 AED2
8 AED3
10 AED24

4. Car Insurance

All cars you rent have to be insured. So when turning to a rental company, make sure that car insurance is included in its rental cost.

5. Security Deposit

Rental companies require you to pay a security deposit regardless of whether it’s a mini car or a luxury van. Usually, it’s more than 900 AED.

6. Type of Car

Different car types — different opportunities. Let’s take a sneak peak at them:

  • 4×4;
  • economy car;
  • medium/large car;
  • luxury car.

Choose the car depending on your needs: off-road driving, driving with a family and luggage, traveling across Dubai, or feeling luxurious.

7. Navigation

Despite the good quality of Dubai roads, you can get confused when traveling across this country. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a navigator during a trip.

8. Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are low in Dubai. For example, petrol is $0.70 per liter and diesel is $0.79 per liter.

9. Driving Rules

Make sure that you know all driving rules to avoid fines:

  • there’s right-hand driving in the UAE;
  • kids from 4 to 8 y. o. must sit in a special seat;
  • use of phones is forbidden during driving;
  • the alcohol level in the blood has to be 0;
  • your car has to be insured and registered.

As you see, these rules are common in many countries.

10. Fines and ‘Black Points’ System

Don’t go over the speed limit as you get fines. It can cost you $900! When violating rules, you’re assigned to the black points system. And when renting a car in Dubai next time, companies will learn that you’ve gone over the speed limit.

11. Road Tolls, or System Called ‘Salik’

In the Arab Emirates, people pay for driving on road tolls. When you go through them, you pay 4 AED. This process is called ‘Salik’. It’s automatic. It’s a fantastic feature as it makes driving in Dubai more convenient.

12. UAE Driving License

To enjoy driving experience in the UAE, you have to convert your driving license to a UAE driving license if your license isn’t valid there. This process consists of several steps:

  • passing the eye test;
  • filling up the application form in the RTA Customer Center;
  • submitting documents and their verification;
  • paying fees;
  • making a photo.

After these steps, you’ll receive your UAE driving license.

13. Crossing the Border

If you want to cross the UAE border and take a trip to Oman, for example, ask your rental company whether such an experience is allowed for you or not.

14. Additional Fees

Watch out for add-ons you can pay for. Usually, these are GPS, fines, tolls, and insurance.

15. Minimum Age Limit

While most countries in the world allow driving a car when you’re 18 years old, the United Arab Emirates allows doing it over 21 only.

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