Fundamentals For Planning a Fun Camping Trip

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Camping Tips

Fun Guide For Planning a Camping Adventure 

Camping is a great adventure activity for those who enjoy nature and solitude. It is a very flexible experience – you can go camping alone, with a group of friends, or even among strangers. You can go to a hilltop and camp there with tents, or you can go to a riverside and camp in a trailer in an RV park.  You can also pair up the experience with other adventure activities such as hiking, rafting, or rock climbing to take the adrenaline rush to the next level.  Here are some useful tips for planning a camping adventure.

Guide To All Girls Camping

We as humans are wired to seek adventure out of the ordinary routine once in a while, in varying degrees, of course. Whether it be camping out in the wild or playing in the escape room, a little boost of adrenaline helps us rejuvenate our minds and let go of the accumulated stress of daily life. Plus, doing these activities together with friends adds to the fun of it.

If you are planning to go on an all-girls trip but don’t know which option to choose, a camping trip can be an unforgettable experience for you all. However, safety, convenience, and good experience, there are many aspects to be considered for such a trip. So, without planning, a camping trip is as good as a stressful corporate meeting.

Let’s take a look at some necessary guidelines that can take your camping trip from chaotic to memorable:

A Fun Guide for Planning Camping Adventures

1.    Choose the right weather: 

Planning a trip in mid-summer can be a challenge unless you love UV ray burns and crowds. This is why choosing the right weather is the basic requirement for camping. Camping trips are best in mild weather where you can enjoy the whole day without too much weather concerns.  Spring or Autumn can be a great pick for such a trip.

2.    Choose the right location: 

Choosing the right location is one of the most important steps. The place you choose should have a variety of activities available and should be safe for your girl’s trip. You don’t have to choose the top of a cliff, but rather an environment which suits your needs and interests.

Try choosing a warmer place for winters and a relatively cooler and pleasant space for summers. You can look for locations near your locality or can also explore options outside your city or region.

3.    Pack Smart: 

Packing can be the hardest thing while planning a camping adventure. The best way to optimise your packing is by creating a list of the essentials and ticking them off as you pack. You should categorise your packing into three main categories: food, shelter, and clothing.

Further, a list of essentials would include:

  • Basic comfortable lightweight clothing. Do not pack unnecessary and unrealistic clothing, which would only increase the weight of your bag. The main goal is to pack items that will keep you warm and dry.
  • Do not take huge bags. Instead of packing in suitcases, pack in trekking bags (backpacks) as they are easier to carry.
  • Get a 10-day weather forecast before you pack.
  • Invest in a comfortable sleeping bag.
  • Make sure to carry an appropriately sized tent if you will be camping outdoors.
  • Carry a torch/flashlight because you’ll definitely need it.  Consider a headlamp so your hands are free.
  • Carry a lighter and an army knife.
  • Carry protection against rains – hat, windbreaker, umbrella, tarp.

4.    Pitch your tent properly

Build your tent at a place that is completely level and is protected from trees, water, and creatures.

Camping Tips

You should avoid camping on a slide as it would easily get ruined because of the wind. One of the best tips would be to reserve a developed spot in a camping ground ahead of time.  This way there will be a prepared site and in many cases additional amenities (toilets, etc) as well.

5.    Get Comfortable 

While your girls’ retreat can be an adventure, you must get comfortable at the place. You might want to carry a folding cot or foam cushion for your sleeping area, and perhaps a battery operated fan if you want to beat the heat. On the other hand, if you know the place will get cold at night, bring all things you need to build a bonfire to keep you warm at night, or you can opt for an electric heater if your trailer has enough power backup for it.

6.    Carry Food 

Packing elaborate meals might not be the cleverest thing to do on a camping trip. Instead, you should pack items that are nutritious and can keep you full for longer durations. Carbs are the best way to go about it. You can also carry dehydrated, ready-to-eat meal kits and dry snacks to ensure you have enough supplies for everyone.  Visit a sports equipment store where you can find ‘just add water’ packages of camping food.

If you are planning to cook fresh food at the camping spot, make sure to carry your utensils and some bottled water. Energy bars and trail mix are good backups in case you can’t cook at your camping site.


The key is to take care of the fundamentals. Apart from supplies, you should also carry safety kit just to stay covered. Choosing a quiet camping site where you can still have cellphone reception is one of the best ways to ensure overall security and peace of mind. Let your family or friends know the details of where you are camping and when you are expected to return as well. The world can be a scary place, especially for girls. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on your adventures. Stick to these tips and listen to your guts, and you will be able to enjoy hassle-free camping trips.

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