5 Top Horse Racing Events You’ll Want To See in 2022

Top Horse Races

5 horse racing events around the world you should see in 2022

Top Horse Races

Are you a major horse racing fan and on the hunt for the best horse racing events? Do you want to know the top 5 horse racing events that you should be attending this year?  With the Grand National right around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about horse racing events you want to see in 2022. There are a ton of great races to choose from, and we’ve put together a list of five that you won’t want to miss.

Whether you’re a fan of thoroughbreds or steeplechasing, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, get your calendar out and start planning your trip today!

The Grand National

First up on our list we have The Grand National. When it comes to horse racing events, this is one of the oldest that you will come across. However, this is more than just a horse racing event, but focuses more on the sport of jumping.

London Steeplechase

The Grand National also happens to be one of the most prestigious events in all of horse racing and was established back in 1839. At British Racecourses, you can find detailed information regarding the event, as well as a list of previous winners. Located by the Aintree Course, this is one for the books, especially if you are looking to win big.

Saudi Cup

Moving on down our list, the next event that we will look at is the Saudi Cup. Research shows that this is the wealthiest event in all of horse racing and is one that you don’t want to miss. However, it is expensive to attend and there is no wonder why.

Held annually in February at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack, in Saudi Arabia, this event by far has the biggest winning pool which is valued at over $10 million, and a prize pool for bettors at over $20 million. It is no wonder that people want to attend this event and place their bets.

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby Horse Race

Taking it across the world to the United States, the next event that we have on our list is the Kentucky Derby. Horse racing is very big in other places in the world such as Europe and the UK, but it is less so in the USA which makes the Kentucky Derby that much more special.

Americans enjoy their horse racing too and for them, this is an event not to be missed. This event is held annually in May at the Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Kentucky. It is one of the oldest horse racing events, having seen its beginnings over 150 years ago.

This event is known to have incredibly strict rules and regulations, and only the best of the best get to compete in these events.

Melbourne Cup Carnival

If you want to take a trip down under to Australia, then the Melbourne Cup Carnival is the next place on our list that you should consider visiting. As it suggests, this event takes place in Melbourne Australia, at the Flemington racecourse.

This is by far one of the biggest races of the year and something that all racers and bettors alike look forward to. Not only do you have short course races and events, but you will also see featured 3 km races which are the event to be seen.

Dubai World Cup

Last but not least, we have the Dubai World Cup or the Dubai world cup carnival. It is no secret that Dubai is one of the richest nations in the world so why wouldn’t they participate in one of the richest and most expensive sports in the world.

This is one of the longest horse racing events to take place annually and typically goes on for over 3 months from January to march. It is by far the most popular international horse racing event and is one of the best ways to start the horse racing season.

Whether you want to visit for just a couple of races or stay for the full event, you are likely to enjoy your entire time there, soaking up the sun while the rest of the northern hemisphere is in icy cold winter.


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