7 Helpful Travel Websites and Apps to Use in 2022

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Helpful Travel Apps

Top 7 useful websites and apps for travelers

Helpful Travel Apps

In the modern world, websites act as assistants to people. They make our life simpler and clearer, easier and more accessible. Accessibility and simplicity are big pluses for traveling, because travel is often a series of already difficult moments. Documents, acclimatization, difficult flights and so on, everyone has their own problem. Fortunately, today there are a lot of specialized sites that easily solve everyone’s problems. Let’s see what travel websites are!


This website has a base of almost all countries on the planet. There is an option to filter countries by many parameters. For example, the cost of living, climatic features, the level of danger, the quality of the Internet connection. If you are at the stage of choosing a country for travel or relocation, this website is for you!

Car Rental Website

It’s no secret that car rentals while traveling are becoming more and more popular. This is due to the high level of comfort and independence when traveling for little money. Just imagine, you can have for example a luxury vacation and rent a Range Rover in Dubai for an amazingly low price and provide yourself and your family with a comfortable stay! Such services have a huge selection of cars, you will definitely find your perfect car!

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is the world’s most popular travel guide and for good reason. According to experts, 90% of tourists plan trips based on Lonely Planet books. Almost every experienced traveler utilize these guides and website articles, for them it is simply a must. The books are written by professional travel journalists. Here you will find a a wide range of useful travel tips, where and how to save money, where to go, where to buy.


Definitely one of the most useful services, this site allows you to store all of your travel documents and reservation confirmations in one place. Tickets, scans, passports, other documents and papers can all be stored in a file that can be accessed as you travel.  This is a useful thing for those who are always worried about the safety of important documents. Ensuring peace of mind while traveling is a great benefit.

Bla Bla Car

A fairly well-known website in Europe that helps you find a ride to other cities. Here you can easily find a passing car. Surprise, more than 10 million people use BlaBlaCar.com services! Among such a huge number of people, you will definitely find someone who will give you a cheap ride.

Couch Surfing

CouchSurfing.com is incredibly famous around the world.  This is a site for finding a bed or couch to sleep on in major cities around the world. Thanks to it, you will be able to find free housing anywhere in the world, get to know interesting people, their culture, and way of life. To do all this, just register and choose a person who can accept you within your time frame.


You will definitely like this service. Your iReady Trip pocket assistant will help you pack for the trip and remind you what to put in which suitcase. iReady Trip will even remind you when to put your suitcase at the door so you can travel without it! Cool, isn’t it?


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