Most Popular National Parks in Alaska That Will Amaze You!

Alaska National Park Travel Tips

Alaska’s Most Popular National Parks That Should Not Be Missed

Alaska National Park Travel Tips

Hello, traveler! If your next trip is to beautiful Alaska, you are in for a treat. Alaska offers stunning icy landscapes, glacier explorations, pristine environments, abundant wildlife and the Northern Lights. You should definitely visit Alaska’s most popular national parks during your journey here as well! As there are many remarkable parks, you might want our advice on which you simply cannot miss. So, let’s check it out!

Wrangell-St Ellias National Park

Mount St. Elias Alaska

Starting strong with Alaska’s largest national park, we urge you to make it an essential part of on your itinerary. Located on the Mount St. Ellias, this national park offers absolutely stunning views of various scenic routes, glaciers, meadows, and mountain peaks. With lands stretching over 13.2 million acres, Wrangell-St Ellias has more breathtaking sights than some countries can offer overall! Just to imagine how expansive the park is, think about this: Wrangell-St Ellias is bigger than Switzerland.

You can hike, take calming walks, and explore glaciers and remote sites, so the park is perfect if you are a nature-lover!

Denali National Park

Usually included in any variants of tours to Alaska, Denali national park is a gem for every traveler interested in animals! With over 6 million acres of land, the park displays the tallest mountain in North America – McKinley, which was once the park’s name.

Denali National Park

Mixing glorious views of tundra, taiga, glaciers, forests, and plane rocks, Denali is a must-visit while you are in the country. And of course, as we have mentioned – they have stunning wildlife on these lands. Due to a variety of environmental situations, the area is filled with all kinds of animals you will almost certainly see on your explorations. So get ready to interact with approximately 70 different species of mammals and lake residents!

Katmai National Park

Super significant for being a site of protection for the region demolished by the volcano around Mount Katmai, this national park has been declared a historical monument! Not only that but Katmai is also said to be one of the most important shelters for bears, so you will undoubtedly take a peek at some!

Bears in Alaska

With the perfect mix of the picturesque surrounding and the impressive formation of wildlings, the park is often filled with tourists interested in seeing not only the nature here but also the active volcano! How could you not, knowing it has once caused the biggest eruption in Alaska? So make sure to experience the intimidating yet stunning area of Katmai National Park!

Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier National Park Alaska

Luring the most tourists of all, Glacier Bay National Park is a stunning site of over 3 million acres of mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. The park is perfect for everyone who enjoys any kind of outdoor activities since there are so many areas where you can hike, mountain-climb, kayak, take cruises, or simply move at your own pace and explore as closely as you would like.

Glacier Bay is truly one of the most impressive corners in Alaska, and it is the world’s largest international protected area, so you might want to jump on it when planning your itinerary! There are all kinds of wild animals scattered around the grounds, a rainforest, and coastlines. Make sure you set aside enough time to interact with the remarkable nature here closely, and you will leave Glacier Bay with a clean soul and a happy heart!

Gates of the Arctic National Park

Lynx Alaska Wildlife

As magical and impressive as its name, Gates of the Arctic is a national park in Alaska, displaying a combination of wild, clear rivers and icy valleys that looks like something straight from a fairytale. The Gates is a part of national parks, monuments, and preserves located north of the Arctic Circle, and it stretches for hundreds of miles from east to west.

The site is relatively remote, so you will get to enjoy the silence of nature and wilderness without being disturbed by the noise of city life. The only thing you might hear in the area are the songs of over 140 different species of birds, the talk of the wild animals, and the rustling of the forests around you. However, keep in mind that the park has no roads, so you need to access it by air, which is not an inconvenience at all! There are several excellent options for you to reach the Gates of the Arctic safely and quickly, so all there is left is to buy the ticket!

There you go! Five of the most popular national parks in Alaska that should not be missed! Pick one or several, if possible, and prepare to be blown away by Mother Nature and the picturesque sights of this stunning country. Good luck!


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