10 Best Must-Visit Sites in Thailand

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Thailand Best Beaches

10 Best Places to visit in Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s best destinations for relaxation and fascinating sites.  Yes, it has stunning cities, famous beaches, and fantastic sightseeing experiences. Adventurous travelers would do this amazing trip at least once in their lifetime. Here is our recommended list of the ‘10 Best Must-Visit Places in Thailand’.

List of 10 Best Places to Visit in Thailand

  • Railay Beach
  • Koh Phi Phi
  • The grand palace
  • Pai
  • Khao Yai
  • Sukhothai
  • Historic City of Ayutthaya
  • Koh Samui
  • Doi Suthep
  • Floating Markets

Railay Beach

Railay Beach is a tiny peninsula with four beaches on it. Railay is already on the bucket list of every wise visitor, and it is one of Thailand’s most sought-after beach destinations. Railay is a fascinating world located just south of Ao Nang Beach, around a rocky promontory and only accessible by boat. Beautiful white gorgeous sunsets, soaring limestone cliffs, views, caverns and a lagoon buried inside the cliff, all formed and nourished by the shifting tides, may all be found on the peninsula. This is one of the best places to visit on your Thailand honeymoon packages!

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi
Image Credits: Unsplash

The beaches and other neighboring islands are fabulous now that Phi Phi Island is open. International tourism is only feasible if tourists consent to a two-week quarantine at approved hotels. The island appears to be deserted, with the majority of stores, restaurants and hotels shuttered. Every day, just a few tourists arrive, mostly locals and expats. You can still dine well, go shopping and ride a longtail boat to surrounding islands and beaches. In conclusion, the island remains lovely and nature is slowly returning, although it is disappointing to store-closed and gloomy streets after 9 p.m.

The Grand Palace

Grand Palace Thailand
Image Credits: Unsplash

Bangkok is the most popular tourist attraction, and it is remarkable in terms of historical significance and beauty. The grounds include a tangle of royal palaces, temples, and historical relics, the most notable is Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha). And it is claimed to have a piece of the enlightened Buddha hair or bone.

  • Pai

Pai, Thailand
Image Credits: Unsplash

Pai is an ideal starting place for seeing the country’s natural wonders and the famous Thai friendliness and cuisine. This little town has earned a reputation as a hippy and backpacker hotspot, yet you will also see lots of families visiting. There is a small nighttime strolling street market with a range of native and Western delicacies. It is easy to access surrounding Buddhist monasteries, waterfalls and the spectacular Pai Canyon.

Khao Yai National Park

Elephant Sanctuary Thailand
Image Credits: Unsplash

Elephants are famous in Thailand, and sculptures and paintings are in royal palaces and temples alike. Nothing surpasses seeing elephants in their natural habitat for the ultimate experience, and Khao Yai National Park gives a fantastic opportunity to do so. Elephants wandering along rivers, rare birds of prey, monkeys and other tropical species make the park home. This park is considered home to many waterfalls.


Sukhothai Thailand
Image Credits: Unsplash

Sukhothai, a favourite destination for history aficionados and photographers, offers many beautiful photo opportunities on a lesser scale than Ayutthaya. Following decades of conflict and exposure to the weather, the ruins of this ancient city still stand high. The Old City of Sukhothai is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and great effort has gone into restoring and preserving one of Thailand’s most important historical monuments.

Historic City of Ayutthaya

Historic City of Ayutthaya
Image Credits: Unsplash

Visitors may tour the gloomy yet enchanting remains of Ayutthaya, which provide a stunning glimpse into ancient Thailand’s splendour. The palaces and temples at Ayutthaya testify that it was once Thailand’s most significant metropolis. Some sites, such as the temple housing the 12-metre-long reclining Buddha and tree roots around a Buddha’s head, are extremely beautiful and should not be missed.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui Thailand
Image Credits:Pixabay

Koh Samui Island is the country’s second-largest island and home to some of southeast Asia’s most stunning golden shorelines. Each beach on Koh Samui has its personality: some are excellent for quiet solitude, while others are bustling with activities, water sports, and large crowds. Chaweng Beach is the island’s largest and busiest beach, with the greatest shopping, a variety of activities, and some of the top restaurants. The brilliant blue seas and dancing palms in the ocean wind might explain why some of the island’s top resorts are here.

Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep Thailand
Flickr by:  Jorge Láscar

Doi Suthep is a wonder of exquisite religious sculptures, and a visit here means seeing monks praying, seeing worship rites and getting a view of Chiang Mai’s ever-expanding sprawl. Keep a bottle of water and your walking shoes, since you will need to ascend a long stairway to reach the temple at the top of the hill. Vendors sell everything from delectable local snacks to handcrafted items created by locals from the surrounding mountains at the bottom of the stairs. There is also a shop offering masks, elephant sculptures and home furnishings, so you can do some shopping while you recuperate from your stair climb.

Floating Markets

Floating Markets Thailand
Image Credit: Pixabay

Thailand’s floating markets provide a unique opportunity to buy and eat while supporting small sellers and learning more about traditional culture. While some of the markets appear to appeal more to tourists, others provide a more real travel experience, such as hopping on a boat and letting your guide take you through canals, where you will see traditional residences on stilts and come across vendors selling their products from their boats. You will need to wake up early to attend a floating market, as sellers set out their wares, fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and delectable meals first thing in the morning in their long wooden boats. This is the absolute place to eat the food at low cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Thailand will give you an unforgettable experience. Try to spend at least a couple of days in Thailand to feel a natural beauty. Plan your trip to Thailand in Pickyourtrail and check the Thailand Packages, and book your trip soon. Just explore the natural beauty of Thailand.


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