Best Things To Do For a Memorable Vacation in Maui

Hawaii Travel Tips

Best Things to Do on East, South and West Maui for a Memorable Trip

Hawaii Travel Tips

Are you planning a visit to Maui Hawaii for adventure or relaxation soon?  Whatever your primary motive is, there are so many interesting things to do in Maui that you will no doubt need some help deciding on the best things to do on your Maui vacation. From colorful beaches to the adventurous road to Hana, from Segway tours to surfing lessons, from sunset views to market hustles, Maui is welcoming you with open hearts. Moreover, the island is rich with wildlife giving you the opportunity to snorkel with turtles in colorful reefs, watch migrated humpback whales in abundance, discover monk seals lying around on beaches, and much more.

Responsible Travel and Stay on Maui

The island of Maui attracts huge crowds all year around. Since Hawaii reopened after the pandemic, more and more people are traveling here to enjoy vacations in nature. Rather than staying at a large densely populated resort full of concrete and crowds, consider staying at a more tropical property like the Wailea Elua rentals Being a responsible visitor is good for both visitors and the island:

  • Keep Maui safe by keeping social distance and wearing a mask indoors in crowded places.
  • Obey all the signs and rules on the island, especially No Parking, and No Trespassing.
  • Don’t stop on the road to take photos or videos, always find a good safe place to pull over.
  • Don’t try to feed, touch, or get too close to turtles, seals, or other wildlife.
  • Don’t litter on or around the beaches and do not take any sand or rocks with you.

Top Things to do in Eastern Maui

East Maui is full of enjoyment, here’s what you can see and so here:

Take the best road to Hana tour

Hana Road Trips Hawaii

With about sixty narrow one-lane bridges and over 600 hairpin turns, the road to Hana hugs many cliff edges which narrow down to one lane in several places, most often with just 20 ft of distance vision ahead. There are dozens of tempting sites along the road to Hana from waterfalls to sand beaches, mesmerizing sightseeing to adventurous treks that are well worth seeing. If you spent the money and time to get to Maui Island, there is no reason to miss the road to Hana. You can either drive yourself or take a guided tour from a company, but this trip is one you will never forget.

Jump into fresh water pools at twin falls

Twin falls is located right on the beginning of the Road to Hana. They are very famous because of the beauty and serenity they offer. This is the best place to bathe in freshwater swimming pools while enjoying the majestic views. A short hike is required to reach the other part of eh waterfalls which would also be an interesting part of the trip.

Visit the Wai’anapanapa State Park

There’s a lot to experience here including a black sand beach, caves, a blowhole, pools, and more. This is one of the most favorite attractions of tourists but the saddest part is it requires reservations 14 days in advance to enter the park. What make this the most beautiful spot on the road to Hana are turquoise waters, unique black lava pebbles, and luscious natural greenery. Make sure you spare plenty of time for hiking, swimming, and camping.

Top Things to do in Southern Maui

For picturesque views and sunsets, south Maui has something amazing in store:

Snorkel the Molokini Crater

Maui Snorkel Tours

The most treasured vacation, memories of your life that you can ever create for your family and kids is by visiting on a Molokini Snorkeling Tour. While venturing on a snorkel tour, remember that your will be exploring most premier snorkeling, snuba, and scuba locations. Most snorkeling tours take the visitors to see Hawaiian green sea turtles in the beautiful coral reefs.

Relax in the Picturesque Makena Cove

The Makena Cove also known as Secret beach or Paako Cove is a little stunner Hidden away on Maui’s South Shore. The Makena Cove is very popular because of its simply spectacular black lava rocks, white sand, crystal clear water, and swaying palm trees. Sunset is the ideal time to visit because this is the time giving you the picture-perfect Hawaiian view.

Stroll along the sands of Big Beach

The most beautiful Makena Beach is a beautiful, wide sandy beach offering the most wonderful views and a long shoreline. The wide-open spaces will give you enough space and privacy to enjoy, no matter how busy the beach is. It becomes challenging to get in and out of water when the surf is high and many inexperienced swimmers get injured because of powerful waves so always be careful.

Take Surf Lessons in Kihei

Surfing Beaches Maui

Maui is a great place to learn surfing from surfing schools. Many people take surf lessons in Kihei to gain a unique experience and make their vacations memorable. To deeply explore beaches and attractions, surfing lessons are the first preference of many travelers.

Top Things to do in Western Maui

West Maui is also not less than other parts of the Maui and has unimaginable spots to visit:

Go whale watching

Whale Watching Maui Hawaii


If you are traveling Maui in winter, watching the migrated whales is a popular attraction. The tour is offered every day from December to April and it starts in Lahaina. Humpback whales are magnificent creatures and it was an absolute thrill to witness them so easily. Make sure you visit in winter to have the best experience of whale watching.

Go for a Lahaina submarine tour

If you are someone who loves to discover the life that lies underneath the ocean, taking submarine tours is something for you. Sit in front of the vast windows of the underwater viewing cabin for a closer look at the reefs, creatures, and other wildlife.

Buckled up for the ultimate Maui adventure? Maui on and off-road adventures are one of the most stirring attractions among all the best things one can do on the island. Plan your trip and do research on what part of Maui you want to experience based on your preferences.

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