Don’t-Miss Top Sites To Experience in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Top Sites

Not-To-Miss Sites You Should Experience in Amsterdam

There is no bad time of year to visit Amsterdam. Rain or shine this unique city always offers amazing experiences. The Dutch capital is known for its rich history which can be seen alongside the city’s canals and in its many museums. Local guide Tours & Tickets Amsterdam can help you to find all the best tickets for attractions in Amsterdam and for visits beyond the city limits.  Let’s take a look at the best things to do and experiences to have in Amsterdam.

Some activities are so strongly related to a city’s culture that they can become stereotypical but that doesn’t meant that they aren’t still must do’s when you visit the city. For Amsterdam, one of these activities is cycling. It’s how many of the locals make their way around the city and, whether you rent a bike or join a bike tour, it is a great way to explore Amsterdam for yourself.

Street markets are a part of Dutch culture, the most famous street market in Amsterdam is the Albert Cuyp market with 260 stands and operating six days a week. There are several not to miss food stands here including one for freshly made stroopwafels as well as stands for Vietnamese spring rolls, haring and fries.

In a city famous for its canals, a canal cruise is a definite not to miss activity when you visit Amsterdam. No boat tour is exactly the same but all will take you on a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Canal belt with its famous Dutch Golden Age gabled canal houses. There is no better way to take in the sights than with a laid-back one-hour canal cruise through the city.

On sunny days, the locals will flock to Amsterdam’s city parks and squares. Enjoying a picnic or just taking a stroll in Vondelpark on a warm day can feel like you travel to a different place entirely. Amsterdam is one of the greenest cities in the world and a visit to one of the city’s parks is a must do during your trip to Amsterdam.

Surprising attractions in Amsterdam

Some attractions show up in all major cities while others are unique to their location. One such unique location in Amsterdam is the Red Light Secrets museum. It is the world’s first and only museum dedicated to prostitution and the life sex workers live. Located in the Red Light District in a former brothel you are taken on a journey through the ins and outs of the world’s oldest profession with the help of an audio guide with stories from a real Amsterdam sex worker.

The Amsterdam Icebar too is unlike any bar and any other icebar in the world. Instead of just stepping in to a really cold room with a drink in your hand, here you travel back in time to join Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz’ crew and explore the arctic. As the crew gets stranded on Nova Zembla, you step inside the actual icebar where, at -10°C, you are surrounded by frozen polar bears and pirates and you drink beer or shots from glasses made of ice!

An attraction popular around the world as well as unique is Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Amsterdam. Here you’ll find the world’s most remarkable collection of natural, scientific, artistic, and human oddities. There are also items from and about Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general. Learn more about windmills, the Dutch obsession with bikes and wooden shoes.

The museum in Amsterdam to learn more about the city’s history and future is the Amsterdam Museum. Here you’ll see how Amsterdam developed into the metropolis it is today and what the future holds for the Dutch capital. Over 100,000 objects make up the museums art and heritage collection, consisting of anything from a sixteenth century bird’s eye view of the city to a 21st-century AFC Ajax poster. Through interactive exhibitions you’ll experience the city’s past and explore the possible future.

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