Great Ways To Travel The World For Free

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Travel For Free Tips

How to Travel the World for Free (and Sometimes Get Paid)

Travel For Free Tips

Many people who love to travel do not get away nearly enough because they need to earn money in able to afford their travel tickets and accommodation in the first place.

Are you one of them? Would you like to spend more time exploring the world? What if I told you it is perfectly possible to travel the world for free, or even get paid for doing so? Too good to be true? Definitely not.  Read on for great tips to enable you to travel the world for free, and sometimes even get paid to do it!

Get a Job Overseas

Whether you want to take up RV technician training or work for an investment bank, or remote consulting, looking for opportunities in a country other than your own can be a good way to see the world for free. Many companies will help with relocation costs, and then you will simply be paying the same bills that you are currently paying in your present location. Got itchy feet? Look for a job in another location and see everything you went to see before you settle down.

Collect Air and Reward Miles

Many credit cards will enable you to collect air or reward miles simply by using the card to pay for your everyday purchases which you can then use to jet off around the world. Apply for one of these affinity credit cards and use it to pay for all of your monthly expenses.  You will be amazed how quickly you are able to rack up quite a lot of miles which will get enable you to travel for free for a while, at least.  Research available cards and watch for cards that have substantial sign-on bonuses which have been known to offer as much as 100,000 miles!


There are many organizations, like the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, for example, that will offer you food and accommodation in many locations around the world in exchange for a little labor. Once you have put your time in volunteering, you will be free to go off and explore and see as much of your chosen destination as you like.  There is no limit to the amount of time or the places you can choose to volunteer, so you can see quite a lot of the world this way.

Travel Blogging

If you set yourself up as a travel blogger or vlogger, you will need to pay for your trips when you are starting out, but if you can build up a big following, pretty soon travel companies and tourist destinations will be only too happy to offer you free trips in exchange for plugging them to your fans. They might even pay you for the privilege too. Obviously, you will need a LOT of followers before you will get many freebies, but if you are passionate about the subject and you work hard, three is no reason why you cannot make it happen.

House and Pet Sitting

Offering your services as a responsible person who can look after a house and pets of other people who are also going off traveling is a great way to see the world for less. Some will even pay you a small fee as well as allowing you the use of their home, so it can be an excellent gig.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to travel the world without a significant price tag – you just have to want it enough to make it happen!

Home Exchanges

There are many organizations that you can find online that connect people who like to exchange houses (or apartments) for a given amount of time.  You can register your home and desired places in the world you would like to travel.  You may just find a like-minded person who would like to live in your city while you live in theirs for a few weeks or more.


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