Spectacular Sunrise Spots in the Peak District of England

Peak District Sunrise Spots

Top 5 Best Sunrise spots in the Peak District

Peak District Sunrise Spots
Flickr by: Nick Kenrick

Heading off to the Peak District? Well, you’re in luck because this is the post for you. Whether you are a photographer or looking to find the best sunrise spots to visit in the peaks, we have it here. There are quite a few spots to get a good sunrise in the Peak District.

Some spots can get busy. Nevertheless, I will cover some less well-known ones as well in this post if you want to have a quieter morning. Being a hiker in the peaks, I have seen my fair share of sunrises whether I’ve gone to find one or camped and woken up to one. Let’s get into this post so you too can have some amazing Peak District sunrises, like this…

I do have to say, be sure to get to any spot early as all the places that I list will require a bit of walking. Some more than others. To ensure the best sunrise possible, check what time it is meant to rise and head there quite early have a brew and wait for the sun to rise. Better be early than miss it.

1. Mam Tor

Mam tor is going to be one of the busier choices. Especially if the forecast looks good. However, it is a really good place to start as it is easily accessible by a car park 20-ish minute walk from the summit. Hope Valley S33 7ZQ

Mam Tor Sunrise - Pixabay

Standing tall at 517m Mam Tor good spot to catch a nice sunrise (or sunset). Being a short walk to the top (if you use the car park) I highly recommend it. Especially if you are a bit short on time.

2. Bamford Edge

Here is a quieter one for you. Bamford Edge is Located in Bamford. This spot will be a lot quieter making it even more reason to go here. The last sunset I got up here I was the only one along with my girlfriend. We even got a little cloud invention too. Another reason I like this spot is that it is full of rocks and boulders. This means you’ll have some really good places to perch up to get some photos. You can also use the rocks in the photos to add depth.

3. Winnats Pass

Winnats pass is a mountain pass in the Peak District National park. The main attraction for me isn’t the drive-through, but walking around the sides with the views over Castleton and Bamford if you look down with Mam Tor behind you. There are many routes to get up and around Winnats Pass.


Peak District Sunrise

Are you Into photography? Winnats pass is a hub for local photographers. Getting the shot of sunrise looking down over Castleton… Perfection. It is even better if you get lucky and can catch a cloud inversion that goes up the middle of the pass.

4. Chrome Hill

Chrome hill is as the name suggests it’s a hill in the Peak District. One of my favourite places in the peaks tbh. If you don’t end up being able to catch a sunrise here, the trip is still worth it. At times it can get busy here but other times it’s quite not anybody in sight. So it’s quite hit and miss. I do love it here. You also have Parkhouse hill (often done together) that has quite a good scramble up it or down depending where you start.

For photographers, about 1/3 of the way up there is a lone tree. This is perfect for framing your shots well. I have used this tree along with many others to get a nice shot.

5. Shutlingsloe

Peak District England
Georgraph.org.uk by: Colin Park 

Shutlingsloe is accessed predominantly by hiking from Trent bank reservoir through Macclesfield Forrest. This is a great option for catching the sunrise in the Peak District. It will often be a lot quieter on the summit than other options on this list. You could easily be solo up there. Along with having great views over Cheshire and the Peaks, it is a mountainous looking peak and a great one to tick off.

On your way to the summit depending on which path you take, you may come across a little opening known as Nessit Hill which is another really good place to catch a sunset. It even has benches that you can sit on.

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