Get To Know Ponant Cruises For a Vacation With Style and Luxury

Ponant Cruise Line

Cruise In Style and Create Memorable Experiences With a Ponant Luxury Cruise

Ponant Cruise Line

True luxury vacationing is in the details. With personalized services being the epitome of a luxury voyage, luxury cruises offer exclusive culinary experiences combined with top-notch accommodation optimized just for you so you can enjoy that luxe life while traveling on the sea.

While luxury crushing is not just room upgrades with one or two special perks, these cruises feature sophisticated amenities that redefine the meaning of a luxurious adventure.  Let’s get to know Ponant Cruises, a luxury cruise line you may not be familiar with.

Why travel with Ponant, a British luxury cruise company

If you have not heard about Ponant yet, you will probably be delighted to know that this is one of the best luxury cruise companies in the United Kingdom.  The concept of cruising with Ponant is simple : living an extraordinary experience on water (sea or ocean) and traveling abroad in the most comfortable cruise ship.

As a customer, you will get the possibility to choose a theme cruise: golf, music, art and exhibitions, polar or tropical expeditions, or a well-being cruise for example.  Their tailored cruises include many luxury services, such as spa, sauna and massages and top-of-the-line care (sponsored by famous brands as Clarins for example).  In addition, you’ll find a library with a large selection of books, e-computers, televisions, PlayStations (PS4 or Wii), a choice of swimming pools and jacuzzis, a theater, a studio where you can order videos or view photographs of your trip…

In other words: a true paradise!

What makes cruising in a luxury ship an unforgettable adventure?

Upscale Dining Experiences

Ponant Cruise Line Dining
Image credit: PONANT©francois-lefebvre-gastronomy

Indulge in unforgettable culinary experiences courtesy of top chefs. Go for prime cuts of meat, Asian cuisine, lobsters, or settle for a five-course meal at the chef’s table. Whether you are into halal, vegan, or gluten-free dishes, your requirements are well taken care of, and all you have to do is let the company know in advance.

Getting thirsty? There is a wide breadth of wine selections to suit every palette. Throughout the ships are professional sommeliers in the open bars to ensure your winery requirements are satisfied and your spirit remains high.

Pampering At Its Best

Everybody likes a good pampering. If you’re looking for a break from the daily grind, a luxury cruise is exactly what you need.

Ponant Cruise Spa
Image credit: PONANT François Lefebvre

Within the multi-deck facilities, you will find spa complexes that include decorated thermal suites and heated pools complemented with a full range of treatments, from waxing, massages, and facials. All these combine to provide a great way to unwind and relax as you calculate your next business move.

Of course, you can’t miss a fitness gym equipped with high-end equipment and exercise classes.

Entertainment Spots to Light Up Your Days and Nights

Most cruises take days without shore visits, meaning you will not have time to drop by your favorite joint or entertainment spot.

“Wait, I thought trips are meant to be fun-filled? Does this mean all I will be doing is staring at the vast blue water of the ocean?” Not on a luxury cruise!  During the day, you can try to be tiger woods as you golf on the miniature golf course or enjoy movies at the theatrical facilities.

After the sun goes down and the kids are off to sleep, you can keep the party going with lively lounges and dance floors within the cruise ships. While you get entertained by some of the top performers, toast a glass of your favorite cocktail or vodka with your friends as you reminisce and celebrate your life’s achievements.

Accommodation Suites Like That of Royalty

Ponant Cruise Luxury Suite
Image credit: ©PONANT

Soak in the high-thread-count comfort of the spacious suites with inclusive amenities. Rooms with windows allow you to enjoy views of the ocean and the nearby environment from the comfort of your bed. You can aim for a room with a private balcony where you can kick back and enjoy sunsets.

Besides a large space, some rooms come with a mini office and a sitting area where you can carry out your business activities whenever you need to.

Live It Up Luxe

Raise the bar on your trips and adventures with a luxury Ponant cruise. When you invest in such cruises, you can expect world-class treatments and facilities that provide value for your money as you visit ports around the globe.

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