Top Destinations For Solo Travelers in 2022

Solo Travel Destinations

Top Countries To Visit This Year When Travelling Solo

Solo Travel Destinations

Travel has to be one of the most liberating experiences ever, allowing you to discover new cultures and open your eyes to the wider world. Travelling alone, however, can seem like a daunting prospect, from choosing a destination to actually boarding that plane on your own for the first time. If you’re planning your own solo travelling adventure this year, then we have six of the best destinations for single travellers to add to their list.


For some summer sun and solo travel, you can’t go far wrong with visiting Europe and some of its sunniest holiday destinations. Spain is a great place to visit but some of the bigger cities do have a bit of a reputation for pickpocketing, so choosing somewhere other than Madrid or Barcelona might be a sensible option for solo travellers. Coastal Malaga is simply breath-taking and comparatively safe, or you could head to Granada, where the magnificent architecture is guaranteed to impress and make for some amazing photo opportunities.


Travelling without a companion can be great for self-reflection and time to think, and few places can match Iceland for providing opportunities to do just that. With its hot springs, geysers, vast open landscapes and the Northern Lights, the landscapes of Iceland are sure to impress. The added bonus is that the people are also incredibly welcoming, so there’s always good conversation to be had whenever you need it. If you are solo travelling for the first time this year, there are many great things to do in Iceland during your stay such as exploring the capital region of Reykjavik, discovering Black Sand Beach, visiting Gunnuhver Hot Springs and more.


There are so many advantages to travelling to Singapore, not least that it’s famed for being incredibly safe and clean. While it may be expensive, there are plenty of free activities you can enjoy if you plan carefully in advance. Another perk is that almost everyone here speaks English, so if you do get into difficulties there will be no communication issues and the people are renowned for their hospitality. It’s a real cultural melting pot, which makes this a fascinating destination.


If wildlife is your thing, then look no further than Botswana for your next solo travelling adventure. This beautiful African nation is home to the biggest elephant population on the continent and you’re pretty much guaranteed a sighting of these incredible creatures in the wild. It is probably more expensive than most other African countries in the region, but that higher price tag means improved levels of safety, good roads and a safari lodge system which works incredibly well and could see you glamping under the stars.


Peru is definitely geared up for solo travellers and is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Here you can immerse yourself in the Inca Trail, Rainbow Mountain and the Peruvian Amazon, all incredible experiences which attract groups and other solo wanderers alike. That means you can have company when you need it, and solitude when you don’t – it’s the best of both worlds!

The Greek Islands

The Greek Islands could also be the perfect getaway for solo travelling. Greece’s islands really do offer something for everyone – head to Mykonos if you’re after the nightlife, or Naxos if you want the best beaches in the region. For volcano tours, wineries and excellent hiking opportunities, then Santorini is the place to go. Whether you stick to one island or hop around by ferry, you’re guaranteed a warm welcome and some of the most delicious fresh food on the planet!

Staying safe when  solo travelling

No matter where you choose to visit in the world, whether you are solo travelling or travelling with others, you should always properly research the destination before booking. There are different laws to consider and in conservative countries there might be certain dress codes and social expectations to follow. Dubai is a popular but conservative location, so anybody booking to stay there should read up on how to stay safe in Dubai before choosing it as a holiday destination.

As well as doing your research on laws and tourist expectations, it’s crucial that you always stay alert. Pickpocketing is common in many locations around the world and many people may target someone who seems to be travelling alone. Make sure to never get your phone out frequently, carry too much cash, and have your valuables on display. To give yourself some peace of mind, become familiar with emergency numbers, where you can seek help, and never tell strangers that you are travelling by yourself.

Travelling solo can be a profound and deeply enjoyable experience, as it gives you plenty of time to do the things you want to do without being constrained by other people’s agendas. These six destinations are perfect for your first time as a single voyager because there are always opportunities to meet people when you do want company and space to yourself when you don’t. However, it’s always important to be mindful, vigilant, and safe when solo travelling.

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