Curious About Working As a Cruise Consultant? Great Benefits of the Position

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Cruise Line Consultant Jobs

Working As a Cruise-Line Cruise Consultant – What Are the Requirements and Benefits of This Job?

Cruise Line Consultant Jobs

Life on the high seas is a dream many of us have some time in our lives. Working as a cruise consultant onboard a cruise ship could be the next best thing to live that dream. A cruise consultant is someone who will attend to passengers’ needs while enjoying a fabulous journey on the ship. They will mainly help passengers find and book another voyage to enjoy.  If you wish to give people the chance to live out the sea life dream, you can become one yourself. Job sites such as Jooble search for hundreds of options that work in an area closest to you. You can apply for a full-time or entry-level position at a travel company. Here are the benefits of such an excellent new opportunity.

Job Definition

A cruise consultant offers advice and assistance in finding a cruise holiday. They are also someone that may attend the cruise itself to provide information on activities aboard the ship. Cruising is a great way to spend time in the sun. Passengers can enjoy exotic locations while also interacting with tons of games. On board, entertainment is provided with beverages to keep you cool on the hot summer evenings. Ships provide food, swimming pools, sunbathing lounges, and a stage for you to witness star-filled performances. Every cruise experience is a little different depending on what you choose.

This is where the consultant comes in. They can help travelers find the perfect cruise to pique their interests. A proper candidate for this job is someone well-versed in cruising knowledge. Someone who knows something about cruise lines’ ships and the geography of ports they call on in various parts of the world.  If someone is looking for a smaller vessel built mainly for sightseeing, they will provide recommendations. If a full-time holiday cruise is what they are after, then the larger ships with floors of entertainment are where it’s at. While on the ship yourself, you will direct attendees to everything the cruise offers. You will also be answering any question they have with winning responses.

Major Benefits

Cruise Ship Jobs

One of the most significant benefits of being a CC is the salary. Many people pay vast sums of money to spend time on a cruise. A consultant will be getting a piece of that price. Due to the job not requiring an office expenditure on your part,  you will have plenty of excess income for your travels. In the UK, the estimated yearly payment of a cruise consultant is around £35,918. You will get to experience travel as well as getting paid. Even though you are working, you will be taking in the sights by sailing the ocean alongside everyone else.

It is pretty easy to build a career in this profession. With every cruise line you are working for, you will gradually gain experience. The more ships you work on, the more you are recommended. This is a great way to meet new people from all over the world. Many of the cruises will take you to exotic locations. These places will be governed by those from different countries. You can take this as an opportunity to learn new languages as well.

To further extend on meeting new people, it’s also a great way to make life-long friends. This can be an ideal job for someone who wishes to travel the world on their own finding friends and relationships along the way.

Minor Disadvantages

While the benefits of working on a cruise are incredible, there can be some drawbacks. Some of these hindrances could turn you away from the profession altogether. For starters, if you get seasick at all, this could be a big problem. Working on the seas means you need to work on your sea legs. If your stomach can’t handle it, it is best to avoid the job altogether. On the other hand, you could still stick to dry land and simply offer advice on what cruises to go on by working in a cruise office.

Meeting new people may also cause further problems as you will be dealing with lots of personalities and languages.  If you do not know the language of the region you are traveling to, this may cause communication difficulties. This can also become an issue if you share a workspace with another person who doesn’t understand you. Finally, you won’t be able to have much time off if you are working on a ship, although most work schedules will be 40 hours per week. Also won’t be able to participate in the same activities as the passengers. They are here to have fun, but you are here to work.  Still, on your hours off, you will be on a beautiful ship in interesting destinations.

Where to Start

Despite the possible inconveniences, the benefits surely outweigh them. If you are interested in becoming a legendary cruise consultant, try to check some popular cruise line websites that have positive reviews and excellent reputations.  Apart from cruise line sites, use the power of the web for employment sites as well. There are dozens of platforms and aggregators where cruise consultant jobs are posted regularly. A good idea is to visit such websites as Jooble or Indeed and type an appropriate query in their job search engines. Using them, you can get a great position and figure out some handy tips for employment in the field in a few days.


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