Top Reasons To Visit Amish Country For A Fun Family Getaway

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Amish Country

Is Amish Country Calling Your Name?

Amish Country

People travel for many different reasons; some want food, others want culture – but the vast majority want a combination of relaxation and new experiences. Amish country offers all of this and more.  Before digging into a few things that make Amish country a must-see on your bucket list, let’s take a look at some of the tasty delights you can expect to come across. Most of the time, Amish food far more delicious than most people imagine!

Amish traditions are steadfast, and while you might not know a bit about them, the food that they traditionally serve might not be in keeping with the image many people have. Amish food is often said to have a lot of influence from some European cuisines.

Scrapple: check out some of the older, more traditional dinners in the area to get your hands on this one. It’s pork scraps, cornmeal, and trimmings together in a tasty fried treat.

Shoofly pie: Melassichriwwelkuche is a delicious pie that is heavy on molasses in all the right ways. Delicious right down to the last crumb.

Chicken corn soup: A chunky, thick soup packed with chicken and corn in a flavourful broth. Made to a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, you won’t find a better soup!

Amish recipes are all made with fresh ingredients, and what’s more, they are created to ensure the people working on farms and other labor-packed tasks are well fed and have the energy to complete the tasks.

So aside from sampling all the great food, you can get your hands on, why else should you be heading to Amish country?

Amish Products

Amish Products
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Depending on where you travel from, and if you are allowed to bring back canned or jarred products, or the food that you eat, you can buy some of the ingredients and take them home with you. It’s not just the canned or jarred tasty treats; the Amish produce a lot of goods. You’ll find artwork, candles, leather crafts, clothing, and quilts! Everything you buy will be made with care and almost guaranteed to be one of a kind.


The landscape around the area is a sight to behold, and there are a few ways that you can travel around. You can go for the traditional horse and cart rides or choose for a higher octane trip from Amish tours near Lancaster pa.

When you take a trip around the area, you can often see Amish inhabitants traveling around but also get an understanding of the landscape and culture of the area.


Amish furniture makers carefully craft all of their furniture items to stand the test of time. Since the skill is passed down through generations, the furniture is something that you won’t find anywhere else.

The furniture will all be solid wood, and you’ll fall in love with more than one piece – and they’ll all be traditional in design and style.

Quiet time

While you will still have your technology with you, you might just find that you’d rather leave the phone in the draw. The general atmosphere of Amish country is one of peace and simplicity. The landscape, farms, and shops all have an olden-day feel, but that is because the Amish stay true to their upbringing and their beliefs.

Although you might initially say that you couldn’t picture yourself being without what you consider modern-day comforts when you see it in action, many people often reflect on how much they use technology in their everyday life.

So for those seeking a technology detox or even some perspective, Amish country is a must.


Keep in mind that the Amish have strong beliefs, and while they may vary from place to place, you should be understanding and respectful of them. After all, you are in their space as a guest.

To get to grips with the Amish country quickly, and learn a lot about the culture, check out the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center. There is a gift store, a bookstore, and a theater room that shows a short film about the people. You can also head to the Alpine Hills Historical Museum and the German Culture Museum.

These places will give you even more insight into the culture and the people. The Amish country will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated – full to the brim of hearty food, but perhaps most importantly, with a new appreciation for the simple things in life.;

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