Bucket List Boating Adventures To Try At Least Once!

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The Bucket List: 7 Boat Adventures You Can Try In A Lifetime

Water adventures are unforgettable experiences. The calming and relaxing touch of water on your skin and delightful scenery will bring out memories you will remember for a lifetime.  Viewing your favorite vacation spot from the water gives it a whole new perspective.  Checking off your bucket list is a goal for many people.  Experiencing a water adventure is a good inclusion to that bucket list and adding a boating adventure should be considered wherever you roam.

Boating Travel Tips

There are a variety of water adventures you can try. In these adventures, the type of boat needed also differs. You can check out http://takacatamericas.com/ for more information about the boat vessel you may want to take on a water adventure.

Here are seven styles of boating adventures you can add to that bucket list and try at least once in your lifetime:


Key West Sunset

Sailing is one boat adventure that can last for a few days to even months. Sailing is an ultimate and complete packaged experience of the sea or ocean. You get a first-hand experience and discovery of sea and ocean creatures.  Sailing is like a breath of fresh air. You can feel the waves, wind, and water.

There are many reasons why you should start sailing, including:

  • You can get the best morning and evening view
  • You may learn a new skill every day
  • Triggers resourcefulness
  • Visit new places
  • Meet different and wonderful people
  • Great bonding experience
  • Dedicate time for yourself
  • Capture best photos
  • It helps reduce stress and anxiety


When you want to check out your bucket list for a water adventure, canoeing is your guy. A canoeing activity is a very lightweight and serene experience. You paddle your way in a calm river to remove your stress.  A canoeing activity can also help you relax. A great thing about canoeing is you can bring your kids, and you can play and paddle with them. Canoeing can be a great way to reconnect and have a bonding experience with your family.

There are many benefits of canoeing to a person, these includes:

  • Builds your muscle strength
  • Help to improve your aerobic fitness.
  • Improves your flexibility
  • For your cardiovascular health
  • Improves your joints
  • Can help to improve mental health
  • Can help in the weight loss journey


Kayaking Travel Tips

Similar to canoeing, kayaking is a calming boat adventure. Kayaking is a fun activity that you can check out from your bucket list. This boating adventure involves maneuvering into bodies of water like the lake, ocean, river, and stream. A kayaking adventure is best with outdoor activities like rock climbing and cliff diving. You can also try catching fish for food.

There are many fun activities you can do with your kayak, these includes:

  • Whitewater kayaking
  • Recreational kayaking
  • Sea kayaking
  • Sport kayaking
  • Surf kayaking
  • Kayaking fishing


A cruising boat adventure is a luxurious experience on the sea or ocean. You can try small and big boat cruising, and you can bring your family for a rich and memory-filled cruising trip over a weekend.

Cruise Travel Tips

There are many reasons why you should put cruising as one on your bucket list, these includes:

  • Cruising holiday offers good value
  • You can enjoy on-board activities on a cruise ship
  • Cruising adventures are family-friendly
  • You can go to many destinations
  • A romantic way to spend your time
  • Cruise adventure is easy to plan

Speedboating, Jet Ski Boating

Speedboating is an exciting water adventure that you can try using a motorboat or jet ski.  You can pilot the boat in the sea or the ocean or on a lake. Speedboating is a form of exercise to help you get fit.

Speedboating is a popular inclusion on your bucket list. You can have a speedboat race with your friend or try speedboating to the nearest island from your place.  You can tow water skiers, wake boarders, or tubes. You can find sandbars to swim and snorkel at or visit secluded islands.  Or motor along at a leisurely pace and just enjoy the scenery.

If you are a newbie, you can take lessons and classes on how to drive a speedboat. There are also speedboat instructors that can guide you.

Whitewater rafting

White Water Rafting

Whitewater rafting is recreational and outdoor boat activity usually done in rough waters. Whitewater rafting is an extreme sport and does not apply to faint-hearted people. That is why people who are risk takers would wish to include whitewater rafting on their bucket list.  Whitewater rafting needs stamina, strength, and confidence. Maneuvering your way to rough rivers is difficult and risky.

The International Scale Of River Difficulty is a benchmark of the difficulty and classes of white waters. The America Whitewater Association introduced the scale, which categorizes rivers in the following:

Class I: Easy

In this category, the water has small waves and few riffles, making it less risky to swimmers. You will need a basic skill level in this category.

Class II: Novice

Under the Class II category, the river rapids have small waves with few obstacles. You will experience a little difficulty maneuvering the boat and need at least a basic or more skill level.

Class III: Intermediate

Under this category, the river rapids will be more moderate with some irregular waves. Maneuvering in the waves will be difficult. An experience in rafting will be a needed skill in this category.

Class IV: Advanced

In the class IV category, the rapids are more powerful and intense. There are more rocks and will need sharp and precise maneuvering of the raft. You will need an exceptional rafting experience for this category.

Class V: Expert

The class V category will need mastery and experience with rafting. There will be a large volume of water rapids and large waves. Under this category, there is also a high possibility of encountering large rocks and hazards.

Class VI: Extreme and exploratory rapids

Category VI is the most dangerous and life-threatening class. The class VI category may not be safe for people with mastery and experience with rafting. The impact of the rapids may cause significant harm and injury and may sometimes cause death.

However, even though rafting is dangerous. Many people still wanted to do it. For them, it is a way of testing themselves to the limit, and it is a way that they can fulfill their thirst for freedom in this lifetime.


Rowing Team

When your friends want to have a friendship bucket list check, rowing is another boat adventure you can try. Rowing is a boat activity that needs simultaneous and coordinated rowing.  This activity will help your friends to be more connected and attached. It can significantly make your bond and develop a more united relationship.

Aside from the bond, rowing has many health benefits. Rowing can help your cardiovascular health, and it can also help to develop muscular strength.


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