Stylish Packing Tips for Men on the Move

Men's Packing Tips

How Men Can Travel Light On Vacation While Staying In Style

Men's Packing Tips

When heading off on vacation, one of the biggest issues you may have is deciding what to take with you. It’s quite easy to begin snowballing on these decisions, thinking of every conceivable situation in which you might need multiple pairs of shoes, a three-piece suit, and every portable device you own. At the same time, the idea of traveling light for some men can conjure up ideas of wearing the same tee shirt for days in a row and not having the space to pack toiletries.

But traveling light doesn’t have to mean that at all. In fact, you can pack very sparingly, reducing the amount of stuff you have to carry while also remaining fashionable and having everything you need to enjoy your vacation. Here are some tips on how you can travel light for your vacation while staying in style.

Avoid Packing Outfits

First and foremost, don’t spend your time and space packing specific outfits for specific occasions. While it might be nice to have a few different pre-planned shirts and chinos combos in your suitcase for nights out at fancy restaurants and bars, this is just going to reduce your leftover space in your suitcase. Not only will this increase the weight of the case or bag, making it more awkward to carry around, but it’ll also reduce the space that could be better used for other items. Instead, what you can do when it comes to packing clothing, is to choose items that can be mixed and matched easily, based on color and style. That way, you have a number of combinations of outfits with fewer items in your case. Pack two or three shirts, a couple of t-shirts, some shorts, depending on where you’re traveling to, a pair of jeans and some fancier trousers, and you’ve got plenty of combinations to last you for a week-long trip.

Purchase Travel-Sized Toiletries

You’ll likely have already thought about this, but we can’t stress enough how heavy and space-hungry regular shower gels, aftershaves, and deodorants can be. Instead of taking up a quarter of your suitcase or carry-on bag with your favorite toiletries, you should instead source some travel-sized versions of these. This is obviously an essential choice if you aren’t checking your bag and are instead using carry-on only, as you’ll have to follow the rules regarding carry-on liquids. But if you are taking a suitcase, travel-sized toiletries are incredibly useful. They’ll drop the weight of your bag significantly, allowing you to cram more essential items in.

Ditch Bulky Bags And Wallets

When it comes to traveling light, many people focus solely on the contents of their bags but fail to consider something just as important, if not more so. That is the bags themselves. Two different bags could hold the same amount of items, yet one of them may have a much more convoluted shape, taking up space that it simply doesn’t need to. As well as your bag, you’ll also want to think about the bulkiness of things you carry on your person. Most notably, your wallet. Lots of men still choose to carry around huge wallets, which threaten to burst at the seams with all the change they keep stored away, as well as hundreds of credit cards, loyalty cards, and who-knows-what. Instead, you can find some sleek, stylish, secure, and lightweight men’s wallets which are perfect for traveling. Just spend some time adding any cards that are essential and ditch the quarters and nickels for this vacation.

Choose Multi-Purpose Items

Plenty of items you can take with you can save space by serving multiple purposes. Of course, there aren’t many multi-tool-like items out there, but we mean you should avoid bringing as many single-use items as possible. For example, when it comes to your shoes, these are extremely bulky, and your best bet is to choose pairs that can be worn for multiple occasions rather than simply a pair of quality dress shoes that will only look nice for a formal function or a pair of sneakers that will be suitable for a trip to the store or a jog along the beach at best. You should also consider ditching your books and instead choosing to bring a tablet or Kindle along with you, as this will save you a lot of room while providing you with multiple books to read and other entertainment options.

Wear Your Bulkiest Items

When traveling, it’s unlikely that you won’t have some overly bulky items with you on the trip. For this reason, you should at least consider wearing and carrying as many bulky items as you can without being uncomfortable so that you reduce the space used in your suitcase as much as possible. Sometimes, however, you can’t wear every bulky item, especially when you’re carrying lots of bulky winter clothing with you. At times like this, you should do your best to pack your bulky winter clothes as efficiently as possible. For example, stuffing a down jacket into your suitcase can easily take up half the space inside it, so be wary.

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