Travel Tips for Singapore – 10 Useful Things to Know Before You Visit

Singapore Travel Tips

Welcome to magnificent Singapore, home to one of the world’s tallest buildings, busiest port, and the world’s largest Ferris wheel! This tiny island nation is a powerhouse of economic activity and a favorite tourist destination for its clean streets, safe neighborhoods, and delicious food.

Singapore Travel Tips

But there’s more to Singapore than just its efficiency, dazzling lights, and deliciousness – its sense of humor! If you already love what you read, then Singapore is the place for you. So let us jump straight into this travel guide for Singapore to learn a few tips for traveling to Singapore!

10 Useful Things to Know Before You Visit Singapore

Let me take you through all the Singapore travel guidelines that will be helpful for you throughout your trip.

Pack For the Weather

If you want to be comfortable on your vacation to Singapore, make sure to pack clothes for the weather! Singapore is quite warm and humid throughout the year, with temperatures reaching over 30 degrees Celsius. So, my first tip for Singapore travel is to pack light, airy clothes that will keep you cool in the heat. And of course, don’t forget to pack sunscreen with high SPF, sunglasses, and a swimsuit if you plan to visit Sentosa Island! Make sure to check out the weather forecast in Singapore before you start packing.

Enjoy The Convenience of Public Transportation

The public transportation network in Singapore is safe, convenient, and reliable. There are several ways of getting around the country cheaply, such as by train, bus, taxi, and even bicycle. All the modes of transportation are easy to navigate, modern, and well maintained.

Travelers can even get a Singapore Tourist Pass STP which offers many discounts and perks not only for buses and subways but also for tourist destinations. Or you can even get an EZ-Link card on the SimplyGo website for the buses and subways.

If you need to get to a specific location, you can always use a metered taxi, Grab app, or any other transport apps available in Singapore. Another alternative is to use bikes to explore the city in Singapore.

Do Not Overlook Getting a Travel Insurance

A Singapore travel guideline that you must follow is getting travel insurance before your trip. Overseas trips can be unpredictable, and travel insurance can save you thousands of bucks in a dire situation. In addition, travel insurance gives you a sense of security and can save you from any financial disaster.

Make sure that the travel insurance covers all the costs related to your travel, not just medical costs. Travel insurance can be a lifesaver in case of emergencies such as lost baggage, medical emergencies, supplier defaults, canceled trips, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Make Sure You Have Booked Attraction Tickets in Advance

Singapore Attractions

This tip for Singapore travel comes in handy if you want to avoid waiting in long queues or missing out on visiting a tourist spot. All the major tourist attractions in Singapore, such as Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Flyer, or Gardens by The Bay, can get quite busy. Also, finding a ticket for the same day can be challenging!

This is also true for any hotel you want to stay in or that bar/ restaurant you want to visit when in Singapore. Sometimes, when booking in advance, you can find discounted offers or reduced prices on flight tickets.

Always Follow the Rules

With almost no corruption and high safety standards, it is essential that you know of all the Singapore travel restrictions. A few tips for Singapore travel you must remember are:

– The currency in Singapore is the Singapore dollar

– If you spend over $100 at a participating store, you can claim a refund on 7% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

– Only smoke in allowed smoking areas and not in any air-conditioned places such as malls and eateries.

– Tobacco and alcohol prices are high.

– The retail prices in each store are different as shops do not follow a Recommended Retail Price.

– Additionally, shops have strict return policies, and each store has its own return policies, which you must take note of.

– Be careful of what you bring into Singapore as the customs laws are stringent, and if you are caught bringing items that are not allowed, you would have to pay heavy fines.

Before your trip, check out the travel guide to Singapore on the SafeTravel website for more Singapore entry approval and travel information. Or you can learn more about the Singapore tourist visa and requirements.

Don’t Hesitate to Drink the Tap Water

The best thing in Singapore is you do not have to think twice before drinking water straight from the tap. The tap water is entirely safe without requiring additional filtration and meets all the standards set by the WHO. So, if you have a refillable bottle, you can simply refill it without purchasing bottled water and save some bucks.

Staying Connected Is Easy

Staying connected to your social media accounts or email in Singapore must be the easiest. Numerous malls, hotels, restaurants, and cafes provide free Wi-Fi to the patrons. Some hotels even provide free pre-paid SIM cards that you can use in Singapore. Or you can purchase a prepaid SIM card at any local service provider shop.

If that is not an option, you can also rent a portable pocket Wi-Fi device from the international airport in Singapore. You can also make use of other companies such as Y5Buddy that offer similar services. You can also find the Wireless@SGx free Wi-Fi hotspots across the country.

Enjoy Real Fast Food from Local Street Hawkers

Singapore Street Food

There is no lack of delicious cuisine in this small country. And indeed, the street food will not lack in flavor as one of the cheapest Michelin star places in Singapore is a hawker stall. Eating by the street stalls is a great tip for saving money and experiencing the local culture and food scene in Singapore.

Since the regulations are strict, the stalls and the food must meet the food hygiene standards in Singapore. Just because you are paying less for the food does not mean you are cutting down on the quality. The food at the stall is so good that sometimes you would find yourself standing for long. But it is worth it!

You Don’t Have to Worry About Tipping

Unlike many other countries around the world, tipping is not mandatory in bars and restaurants in Singapore. The bill is usually all-inclusive with taxes and additional service charges. But if the service you received was excellent, then tips are always welcomed.

Singapore Is Not the Cheapest Place

As you might already know, Singapore is by no means a cheap place to live, and you must prepare accordingly for your trip. So, if you are on a budget-friendly trip, note down all the tips for traveling to Singapore in this blog to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

You must do your research and have a travel itinerary prepared so that you can stick to your trip schedule. As I mentioned, book in advance, pack all the necessary items, save on transport costs and enjoy real street hawker food.

If you are worried about the visa expense, do not worry; you can use Atlys to save all the hassle. Planning might take a little effort, but most importantly, do not forget to enjoy the trip.

Final Thoughts

Singapore might be a small country, but it’s also mighty and always ready to show its guests a good time. Also, always remember the Singapore travel restrictions and Singapore entry requirements before your trip.  So, keeping the tips for Singapore travel in mind, you are ready to shop till you drop, eat till you burst, or just have a good laugh. You are now ready to go and explore Singapore, where the fun never stops!

Happy Travelling!

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