Most Beautiful Yachts for New Year’s Night in Dubai 

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New Year in Dubai

Beautiful Yachts for a Spectacular New Year’s Celebration in Dubai

New Year in Dubai

The New Year is a time of year when everyone is high-spirited as they bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023. Dubai is known to have a heart of fun and its beauty is unmatchable. To welcome the new year in a spectacular new way, look for different opportunities.  To do this yacht rental Dubai can play a significant role. It will be the best yacht rental in Dubai you ever had. Imagine drafting with cool breezes, under a blue sky with sparkling fireworks overhead. Nothing can beat the excitement and fun of beginning of the new year on a yacht rental in Dubai.

In Dubai many places display beautiful fireworks, big feasts, and festivals, but the view from a yacht is something unique and something to look into and book as soon as possible. Take in Dubai’s deep breath-taking views from the air-conditioned cabins of a luxurious yacht or gaze at the shimmering moon, stars, and sky from an open terrace. You will feel comfortable and relaxed when water surrounds you and the sky is full of glitters as you tour around Dubai enjoying the iconic buildings and evening lights.

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Best Yachts for New Year’s Night

  • Luxurious party at Gugu boat 

If anyone wants to have a new year celebration with friends and family and they have 90 persons on the list then Gugu boat is perfect for the event. It is 78ft long and can easily handle its 90 guests by giving them quality services. It provides high end services, delicious food and proper catering. Professional staff to look after you is present onboard. Lavish food with elegant fireworks will leave an everlasting mark on your mind. The yacht is designed so that guests will feel comfortable and have fun without any hustle and bustle.

  • Party like a pro with Lotus mega yacht Dubai

Lotus mega yacht will make your party more memorable with a spacious hall, music, and a great variety of food courses. This is a large yacht of about 220 ft in size with a capacity of 500 guests who become able to see the beauty of Dubai. You will be warmly welcomed on board with an eager crew. While sailing you can have a look at the lavish fireworks of Burj Al-Arab, Atlantis- the palm resort, and Blue Water Island. Have the most vibrant experience of your life on board.

  • Unforgettable experience with Virgo yacht

A private party of about 60 guests can be planned on Virgo Yacht which is 88 ft long. The best thing about this yacht is that it has a vast deck for guests. One can organise a BBQ party with live music on New Year’s night for your guests. You can capture the moment of the countdown to the New Year with your loved ones and have photographs of this elegant moment. The interior of the yacht is so perfectly designed for small gatherings that you can’t forget this moment.

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