How To Plan A Great Stag Party in Bristol, England

Bristol Stag Party Tips

Bristol Stag Party Must Do Activities

Long before the groom is standing at the front of the church, looking to both vicar and Best Man for support/wisdom/an escape plan, the stag weekend plot needs hatching. We would recommend planning at least 3 months prior, especially if you want a corker.  There are many things to be decided, with the lion’s share of early input ideally coming from both the Best Man and Groom. After all, if he’s contributed to the planning then he can’t have any complaints at a later date.  Here are essential tips for planning a great stag party in Bristol.

Getting Organized

Bristol Stap Party Tips

Firstly, you need to decide how many cast members there’ll be. We recommend around 10-12, but this will largely be determined by how many good mates the groom has, wh

o gets on with who (don’t pretend that it’s just the women who have this problem), and if there’s an activity or event that he particularly wants to include.  Other major factors in the final group size will be the choice of destination and, most influential of all, how many complete bottlers wimp out at the first disparaging remark from their partner. Their loss!

The main areas to tick off are: Who? Where? When? How to get there? and What to do?… everything else is just messing about.

Why Choose Bristol

If you have chosen a Bristol stag weekend to be your final destination of choice, then you are on the right track to a great time. A Bristol stag do is always going to be a good one with the endless list of nightlife and activities, you’re on a winner!

The stag won’t really care about the finer detail of the stag weekend as long as it meets all his requirements. This is where your real work begins, a Bristol stag party will be great, the stag activities are endless and a stag night venue has to be somewhere that everyone will love.

Bristol Stag Party Activities

There are more Bristol stag activities than one can imagine, with finding the right option, sometimes being frustrating and tiresome. Just ensure you consult the main part of the stag group before booking something that you may regret.

Some great activity options in Bristol include go karting, paint balling and laser quest. Then, if you are looking for something a little more unusual, there is also the option of going to the hilarious activity West Country Games.  That will have you all rolling around the hay with laughter!  Or if you are looking for a Cardiff stag weekend, then you may want to consider their sister activity site, Welsh Games.

Bristol even has its own inland surfing complex.  The Wave opened in 2018 to much hype and excitement.  They have two separate areas for beginners and intermediate surfers and a fantastic café too.

Final Thoughts

As stag do in Bristol won’t be too challenging as long as you have planned in advance the crucial elements, and designated some of the organising and donkey work to a few of the group.  This will ensure you have a great time on the stag weekend for you and all the boys!

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