Getting Bored Of Your Usual Family Vacations? Here’s How To Plan Something Different

Family Vacation Ideas

Family Vacation Ideas For A Different Family Holiday This Year

If you’re getting bored of the same old family vacations – and you can see the kids are too – it’s time to plan something a bit different. Something that’ll make you enjoy heading away as a family again, while still being within your budget and a fun time for all. Is it even possible? Of course it is! Especially with the family vacation ideas we’ve listed down below; use them to make your next trip the best time you’ve ever had as a family

Stay Somewhere Different

Family Vacation Ideas

The first thing to do is think about where you usually like to stay. If you’re usually a boutique hotel person, maybe it’s time to book into a bigger resort, or even just a smart chain hotel? After all, the kids would love having a pool to swim around in and a play center to use when you’re out with your partner. It might cost a little more, yes, but if this is a different, once-in-a-lifetime vacation, it’s totally worth it!  If you’ve always stayed in a hotel, maybe it’s time to try staying in a cabin, villa or historic property.

Splash the Cash on Days Out

Family Vacation Ideas

Days out are a big part of a vacation. You can’t just stay in your hotel all day, even if there’s a swimming pool to lounge by! And the kids are going to get bored at some point, so why not take them on an adventure? For example, scout out areas like the grand hotel mackinac island, get tickets online, and then head off for a day of fun. Get out and about, meet new people, and show the kids the world has plenty to offer. Even a resort with all the amenities can start to get stale! Go on a boating adventure, a bike ride, hike, or visit a nearby children’s museum.  Learn the local history, find a community playground, or do a walking tour in the area.  Find the website of the local Chamber of Commerce or Tourism Bureau and look for their recommendations for family activities in the area.

Have Fun with New Foods

The kids might be fussy eaters, but you and your partner aren’t! You can head out for new foods at new restaurants while the little ones eat their usual burgers or chicken nuggets – it’s totally up to you. Older kids might quite like these new eating experiences as well; tweens and teens love to feel sophisticated and grown up, and this will be a very fun thing to try out as a family. Even just heading down the street to a van vendor will make things feel different, and you never know when you’ll find the most delicious new meal of your life.  See if there are any local foodie experiences, like a lobster bake in New England, tea in England, or BBQ in the south.

Make Time for Games

Family Games

Usually the kids just want to go out and play! As such, make some time for fun and games just as a family. Instead of taking in a show or doing a group activity with other travelers, head down to a local or national park with a picnic and a ball. Have a kickabout as you eat, or grab some frisbees or kites from the souvenir shop. If you can make an hour sometimes to play, the kids will love it.

If you want to try something new this year, don’t be afraid to make a difference. The kids will adjust, you just need to find something fun for everyone to do – that’s easier than you think!

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