Tips For Becoming A Travel Vlogger And Tour The World Making Videos

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Guide to Travel Vlogging

Great Tips For Travel Vloggers in 2022

Travel vlogging has grown in popularity over the years, perhaps due partially to the Covid-19 pandemic leaving people stuck at home for so long. Many people love experiencing the world through videos of other people’s travels, and if you’re an adventurer yourself, then you might like to share your experiences too.

If you’re keen to start vlogging your travels, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you get the most out of it.

Make Your Channel Appealing

There’s more to YouTube than simply filming something and sticking it online. As a travel vlogger, you need to be able to capture beautiful shots, edit them well, create beautiful thumbnails etc. People will be coming to your corner of the internet to see something worthwhile.

You can use a YouTube banner template to create something beautiful and eye-catching which might entice people to click that ‘subscribe’ button the moment they click on your channel. Every detail matters!

Pick a Niche

While you might think that ‘travel’ is already a niche, you can pick between even more specific travel niche ideas. Depending on the type of travelling you do, your personality, and the types of videos you want to create, there are plenty of ideas you can choose from.

For example, you might start a ‘van life’ channel that teaches people how to build a van and live comfortably that way. You might create a channel that focuses on sustainability in travel, or backpacking through foreign countries.

Use the Right Vlogging Equipment

Vlogging Equipment

Deciding on a camera for vlogging your travels is a big choice to make! You’ll want to invest in something that can take great shots but isn’t too heavy or cumbersome for you to carry around.

Many travel vloggers love to use Go-Pros or even their phone cameras for easy filming. Figure out what works best for you.

Tell a Story with Your Vlogs

Simply filming random shots of where you are will only get you so far. Incorporate some storytelling into your videos to make them more immersive.

You could try traditional vlogging and talk directly to the camera about where you are or what you’re doing. You could focus on more scenic shots and add voiceovers while you edit, explaining the details of the visuals. Anything goes – get creative and bring your audience along with you.

Don’t Film it All

Vlogger Editing Equipment

A final piece of advice is to not allow vlogging to take over your travels. Yes, capturing special moments to share and relive can be fun and worthwhile. However, sometimes it’s important to put down the camera and just be in the present moment.

An idea of how to handle this could be to have your camera packed away when you arrive somewhere new, so you can experience it fully first. Then, take out your camera, film the footage you want, and then pack it away again in order to enjoy the rest of your time there without being distracted or missing out.

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